One of the most critical functions for business success is the effective management of cash flow. Cash management coordinates the collection of receivables and the payment of invoices to maximize cash flow, thereby maintaining liquidity. Effective cash management can lead to a smooth-running, prosperous business—supporting better utilization of your resources.

Let us assist you with tools and services that give you immediate, accurate information for effective cash management to drive profitability.


Get the essentials for your business, including Merchant Services, lockbox services, check recovery, deposit consolidation and more.

Association Services

Association Services has products and services specifically designed to meet the payment processing needs of property management companies and community associations.

Liquidity Management

Take advantage of electronic commerce capabilities, short-term financing and solutions that put account surpluses to work for you.


Maximize the strengths of your business and find opportunities to improve your financial operations.

Manage Transactions

CashManager OnLine®

Perform real-time cash management transactions securely online, anywhere anytime.

Accelerate Your Receivables

Protect Your Funds

Streamline Association Payments

Homeowner Payments

Accept homeowner payments by mail, ACH, online, BB&T financial centers or through bill pay providers.