ACH Origination Reports

These valuable resource tools keep you informed about your business’ origination activity, return items, notifications of change, adjustments and settlements in your ACH account. These varied reports give you useful information designed to assist you with reconciling your ACH settlement account.

ACH Return and NOC Reports

ACH Return Items Report

ACH Notification of Change Report

  • Complete daily report on notification of change received today
  • Original and correct item information
  • pdfView sample report

ACH Activity Report

Adjustment Activity Completed Today

  • Complete daily report on adjustments (deletes and reversals) processed on your behalf
  • pdfView sample report

Adjustment Activity Affecting Settlement Today

  • Complete daily report on all originated ACH items that affect ACH settlement to your account
  • pdfView sample report

Settlement Reconciliation for Today

  • Complete daily report on ACH settlement charges to be debited/credited to your account
  • pdfView sample report


Your ACH Return Items, Notification of Changes and ACH Activity Reports can be delivered to you by secure email, fax, U.S. mail, CashManager OnLine or by Data Transmission. ACH Activity Report provides timely information on your ACH adjustments and settlement activity.

For more information about changing the delivery method of your ACH Return Items and Notification of Change Reports or to request more information on receiving the New ACH Activity Report, please contact a BB&T Treasury Management Consultant at 800-810-5625, and select option 1. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time.

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