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BB&T Smart Sweep automatically invests idle funds in your BB&T business checking account to earn a higher rate of return while maintaining full liquidity for your operating needs.

How It Works

  1. Your business checking account is linked to a Smart Sweep account
  2. You are able to set a target balance for the checking account
  3. Funds in excess of the target amount are automatically transferred to the Smart Sweep account
  4. If the checking account balance falls below the target balance, funds from the Smart Sweep account are automatically transferred over to reestablish the balance
  5. Interest is compounded daily and credited to the Smart Sweep account monthly
  • Funds invested in the Smart Sweep solution have standard FDIC coverage
  • Automation saves time and eliminates the need to make daily investment decisions
  • Unlimited transfers to and from the Smart Sweep account
  • No minimum or maximum dollar amount of the transfers to and from the Smart Sweep account
  • Fees can be reduced or offset by maintaining a target balance in the checking account
  • The Smart Sweep account offers automatic Fraud protection as it does not allow any transaction activity, except the funds movement to and from the checking account

We will work with you to establish target balances in your business checking account that maintain sufficient balance levels to cover normal transaction volume and any service fees.

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