BB&T Payables

BB&T experts can identify solutions to maximize the strengths of your small business or multi-location global corporation and suggest opportunities to improve your financial operations.

Commerce Gateway Payables

Commerce Gateway Payables is an electronic payment and remittance solution designed to assist you with streamlining and automating the accounts payables process. It provides a practical path to transitioning accounts payable disbursements away from the inefficiencies surrounding paper checks and manual processing.

Controlled Disbursement

Controlled Disbursement services from BB&T provides morning reports detailing what checks will be posting to your company's account that night, allowing you to maximize investment of available funds, minimize borrowing and reduce the risk of overdrafts.

Electronic Cash Disbursement

Electronic Cash Disbursement services from BB&T provide a fast, efficient way for your company to pay vendors and make other disbursements.

Real-Time Payments

Stay on the cutting-edge of payment technology, streamline your payment processes and provide more efficient service to your vendors and partners with Real-Time Payments.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfer services from BB&T provide your company the ability to originate wire transfers from your BB&T accounts without making a trip to your local branch office.

Zero Balance Accounts

A Zero Balance Account from BB&T will maximize your company's use of funds and increase your account control by simplifying banking procedures, eliminating the need to track balance levels and funding requirements, maximizing available investment funds and minimizing costly overdraft risk.

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