Electronic Cash Disbursement

Electronic Cash Disbursement

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Electronic Funds Transfers

BB&T Electronic Cash Disbursement service allows you to pay vendors and disburse funds with speed and security. Take advantage of enhanced controls that streamline and automate your business to business disbursement process.

  • Reduce paper-remittance processing
  • Send payments via Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
  • Eliminate the cost of checks and wire transfers
  • Control your transfer timing and reduce overdraft risk
  1. Your designated company representative submits the amounts via BB&T CashManager OnLine® Internet banking solution or other ACH Origination channel to be transferred from your BB&T accounts to your business payees.
  2. Funds are processed through the ACH, a central facility that handles the transfer of electronic transactions between all financial institutions and credit unions that are a member of the Federal Reserve banking system.
  3. All electronic payables disbursements reported before 8:00 pm ET will be transferred automatically through the ACH for credit to the recipient's bank account as early as the next banking day.
  • Provides a cost-effective and efficient method for disbursing funds
  • Eliminates printing of checks
  • Eliminates the cost of wire transfers
  • Better predict cash flow
  • Improve security and payables disbursement controls
  • Reduce paper—remittance processing

BB&T CashManager OnLine offers security controls for various levels:

  • Logon Credentials, Security Token, Trusteer Rapport
  • User Entitlements
  • Payment Limits
  • Event Notification Services
  • Dual Approval for Administrative Changes
  • Dual Approval for Payments

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