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BB&T ACH Preauthorized Draft service can save you time and money when collecting payments from your consumer customers. Your customers can grant your company the authority to automatically withdraw funds from their checking or savings accounts through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). BB&T processes the payments through ACH, and the total amount is credited to your account the next banking day.

ACH Preauthorized Draft service process:

  1. You obtain written authorization from your customer to debit their bank account via ACH.
  2. Your designated company representative submits the draft transaction via BB&T's CashManager OnLine internet banking solution or other BB&T ACH Origination channel.
  3. BB&T processes drafts through the ACH to any financial institution or credit union that is a member of the Federal Reserve banking system.
  4. ACH transaction is debited from your customers' checking or saving accounts.
  5. The total amount is credited to your BB&T bank account on the next banking day.
  6. Submit a preauthorized request up to 29 days in advance of the due date.

If you receive recurring payments from your consumer customers, ACH Preauthorized Draft services from BB&T can streamline the process of collecting receivables and processing payments, saving you time and money and improving your cash flow.

Nationwide Acceptability

  • Preauthorized drafts are processed through the ACH, a central facility that handles the transfer of monetary transactions between member banks and the Federal Reserve System.
  • The ACH system is the nationwide payment network used to process billions of electronic transactions each year.
  • Many companies use ACH to provide direct deposit of payroll for their employees or to draft customers' accounts for payments.

Simplifies Collection

  • Provides a paperless means of collecting receivables and processing customer payments
  • Offers a timely method to collect receivables and predict cash flow
  • Provides an accurate and thorough record of all ACH transactions
  • Provides your customers with the convenience of not having to write checks and mail payments


ACH Preauthorized draft makes paying the following items quick and easy:

  • Homeowner Association dues
  • Insurance premiums
  • Mortgage payments
  • Medical payments
  • Day care payments
  • Pest Control services
  • Security Monitoring services

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