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Accept checks knowing that any eligible returns will be electronically re-presented through the ACH network, increasing the likelihood that they will clear. CheckTRACK check recovery service provides an online reporting tool that allows you to view an image and monitor the status of a returned item. In short, you can focus on your business and count on CheckTRACK to handle check returns.


Convenient Processes
  • Eliminates geographical challenges
  • Allows two additional attempts to collect on returned paper checks
  • Shortens return notification to 2 to 3 days from 5 to 7 days with normal check processing
Secure Information Management
  • Provides check collection that is nonintrusive to customers
  • Provides images of all returns on demand
  • Provides reports of all submitted, collected, and pending items
Cost Savings
  • Reduces collection costs
  • Lower bank fees
  • Requires no purchase of equipment or software
  • Improves collection rates

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