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Commerce Gateway Receivables streamlines accounts receivable processes by delivering detailed and consolidated transaction and remittance data.

  • Consolidate data for check, ACH and wire payments into a single data stream
  • Receive the data though transmission in EDI or flat-file formats
  • Access ACH addenda detail through a web-application with email notifications

Maximize Efficiency

  • Eliminate manual accounts receivable posting
  • Spend less time tracking errors and researching remittance information
  • Simplify reconciliation through automation and integration of multiple payment types

Enhance Visibility and Cash Forecasting

  • Obtain detailed payment and remittance information
  • Eliminate the need to wait for processing results from various receivables systems
  • Receive notification when your account will be credited with electronic payments

Optimize Working Capital

  • Reduce days sales outstanding
  • Eliminate delays caused by customer check production and mail delivery
  • Shorten receivables posting time
  • Lower administrative, audit and collection costs
  • Accept almost all receivables electronically in your preferred format, regardless of how individual payments were made
  • Download remittance information to keep records up-to-date
  • Maximize security and customize capabilities by managing user entitlements and control access
  • Create a customized view to search and sort information as needed
  • Review online up to a 35-day history of all activity
  • Get fast alerts with Event Notification via email when important actions or situations occur

Commerce Gateway Receivables allows your company to manage and reconcile your receivables with greater efficiency and automation.

Here's how it works:

  1. Payments Received
    Your customers make payments to your BB&T accounts using ACH, wire transfer or check (BB&T Lockbox). BB&T processes these payments and credits your account.
  2. Aggregation
    BB&T extracts and compiles payment and remittance information into a single data format.
  3. Delivery
    Commerce Gateway provides the integrated receipts data using your preferred delivery method and file format.
  4. Posting
    Your company benefits from streamlined posting of receipts to customer accounts.

Consolidate Multiple Types of Receipts

  • ACH
  • Wire
  • Check (Lockbox)

Receive Remittance and Payment Data in Your Preferred Format

  • Online through BB&T's Commerce Gateway Receivables web portal which offers email notifications, printable reports and excel export capabilities
  • Data transmission via secure FTP, HTTPS or encrypted email protocols
  • Multiple file formats including EDI 820, SAP IDOC, BB&T flat file (proprietary) or comma separated text file (.csv)


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