BB&T can convert your company's receivables into cash quickly. Our cash management solutions streamline your processes for recurring payments, check recovery, check deposits and lockbox services. We can determine which payment processing options best suit your business needs today and as it grows.

NACHA News and Rules Update

ACH Preauthorized Draft

If you receive recurring payments from your customers, ACH Preauthorized Draft services from BB&T can streamline the process of collecting receivables and processing payments, saving you time and money and improving your cash flow.

Check Collection

CheckTRACK complete check recovery service from BB&T is today's best alternative to traditional check collections, allowing your business to accept checks knowing that any eligible returns will be electronically re-presented through the ACH network, increasing the likelihood that they will clear.

Commerce Gateway Receivables

Commerce Gateway Receivables streamlines accounts receivable processes by delivering detailed and consolidated transaction and remittance data. It can support an EDI-formatted integrated receivables transmission or simple web-based reporting of remittance data for electronic transactions.

Lockbox Services

Remittance Processing services from BB&T help reduce mail, processing and deposit delays to keep your business running smoothly. Choose from AR-BOX® electronic lockbox, Retail Lockbox or Wholesale Lockbox for the service that will meet your total receivables system needs.

Remote Deposit Capture

An innovative system that makes self-service deposits a reality, BB&T OnSite DepositSM allows you and your employees to deposit incoming checks into your BB&T commercial account remotely, without ever leaving the office, regardless of where you are located.


Vault360® is a complete suite of deposit solutions to help clients streamline their armored courier deposits and banking relationships across the continental United States.

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