Reconciliation and Reporting

Having instant access to the most up-to-date financial information is now a business imperative. BB&T offers products and services that bring the critical information about your cash flow directly to you, helping you access, organize and reconcile your business account information—on the road, at home or in the office.

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Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation plans from BB&T are designed to help your company become more efficient, improve accounting and reconciliation accuracy, and provide better audit control.

CD-ROM Check Imaging

CD-ROM Check Imaging from BB&T converts your company's bank statements and paper checks into digital files and stores them safely on CD-ROM, eliminating the expense of storing and sorting through paid checks.

CashManager OnLine

BB&T CashManager OnLine® helps control your company's cash flow by centralizing the administration of your business bank accounts. You'll see the full financial picture using advanced tools that provide critical day-to-day information.

CashManager OnLine Mobile

Our CashManager OnLine mobile app allows you to manage your company's cash flow on-the-go with the technology and security you can trust from BB&T.

Positive Pay Fraud Protection

Our web-based Positive Pay fraud protection service gives you the capability of detecting counterfeit or fraudulent checks. By sending a file of issued check information to BB&T before checks are released to payees, clients can reduce the risk of becoming a target for fraudulent activity.

Cash Management

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