Cash Management Webinar Archive

BB&T features industry experts in this complimentary series of webinars designed to help businesses explore new developments in payment processes. Topics focus on the ongoing transformation of payment systems from traditional paper-based methods to more streamlined, secure and convenient electronic-based solutions.

Preventing Corporate Account Takeover Fraud

With sophisticated technology comes sophisticated criminal activity. Corporate Account Takeover Fraud happens when online banking credentials are stolen and used to initiate fraudulent payments. In recent years, attacks against businesses and municipalities have grown in number and sophistication. Join us to learn security best practices to avoid becoming a victim and to enjoy convenient and secure online banking. Presented March 2012.

BB&T Bill Payment: A Better Way to Pay

It's never been easier to manage your bills. Learn how you can pay who you want when it's convenient for you, from your web browser, mobile device or financial management software. Making safety and security a priority, BB&T will be with you every step of the way in meeting all your bill payment management needs. Presented May 2011. 

Driving Business Success While On the Go

Throughout the active pursuit of driving your business, staying connected to your finances should be the least of your concerns. Having the necessary financial information at your fingertips is critical—whether you're on the road to deliver an order, or contemplating staying that extra night at the beach. Learn how you can maximize the use of alerts and mobile banking services to support your mobile lifestyle and help drive business success. Presented September 2009.

Employer Services: Hire to Retire Solutions for Business

Learn how comprehensive employer services solutions can meet the needs of your employees throughout their entire life cycle. Discover how consolidating all of your human resource processing—401(k), Section 125, workers compensation, employee benefits—under one roof can benefit your company and your employees. Presented October 2008. 

Remote Deposit Capture: Ready, Scan, Go!

What's the quickest way to get your money to the bank? Sit at your desk. Remote Deposit Capture makes your deposit process more efficient. Free your employees from trips to the bank, view deposits anytime, and extend your banking day. Presented August 2008. 

Trends in Merchant Payment Acceptance

Discover emerging trends in payment processing, and learn about new payment processing solutions such as payment gateways and virtual terminals. Presented December 2007.

The HR Process: Payroll, FSA and HSA Cards

Learn how you and your employees can save money with payroll, HSA and FSA cards. These cards can help streamline critical areas of your HR operation. Presented August 2007.

Remote Deposit Capture: The Future of Check Processing

Remote Deposit Capture lets you deposit checks without ever leaving the office, by converting checks to electronic transactions. Not only convenient, this process also allows for quicker funds availability. Presented March 2007.