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Direct deposit allows you to handle payroll distribution more efficiently and provides a valuable benefit to your employees. You can quickly and easily deposit your employees' pay directly into their bank accounts at any financial institution.

Company Benefits

  • Eliminate expenses for stop payments and reissuing lost or stolen paychecks.
  • Reduce the costs associated with reconciliation, postage and check printing.
  • Simplify the distribution of payroll to offsite employees.
  • Eliminate the special handling of absent employees' checks.
  • Provide an excellent addition to your employee benefits package.
  • Direct deposit may also be used to deposit expense reimbursements, pension payments, dividends and other disbursements.
  • Start using direct deposit within 45 days of requesting the service from BB&T.

Employee Benefits

  • Save employees time and money by eliminating extra trips to the bank.
  • Paychecks are deposited even when the employee is out of the office.
  • Employees can even split deposits between a checking and savings accounts.

It's easy to get started with direct deposit:

  • Collect the relevant bank account information for your participating employees.
  • Combine this information with each employee's pay amount and send it to BB&T electronically at least two business days before the scheduled payday.
  • On the morning of payday, the funds are waiting for your employees in their bank accounts.

Choose from these options for data transmission:

  • Transmit a formatted file directly to BB&T from your mainframe.
  • We will work with any third party payroll service to enable transmission of the direct deposit data to BB&T.

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