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Former employees remain connected to your company for some time after they leave through their COBRA benefits. Remove the strain on company resources with COBRA Administration. Services provide:

  • Day-to-day benefits management
  • Customer support for beneficiaries
  • Protection against compliance penalties
  • Control of administrative costs

A COBRA benefits specialist will manage your COBRA administration responsibilities and ensure you remain in compliance with COBRA guidelines. Services include the following:

  • Evaluate health plan coverage status
  • Send notification and election forms to participants
  • Distribute premium notifications to participants
  • Collect and remit premiums
  • Manage open enrollment communication
  • Generate HIPAA coverage certificate upon termination of COBRA coverage
  • Provide compliance and administrative support

A COBRA benefits specialist will provide communication and customer service support to your former employees. Former employees will receive:

  • COBRA notification and election forms
  • Premium notification
  • Eligibility end date notification
  • HIPAA coverage certificate upon termination of COBRA coverage
  • Customer service support

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