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Retirement plan sponsors have the legal obligation to manage their plans with the employee's best interests in mind. BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., offer objective investment consulting and advise you on your fiduciary responsibility.

  • Detailed portfolio manager analysis
  • Independent analysis of asset managers
  • Fiduciary guidance
  • BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., as co-fiduciary

BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., lead you through each stage of a highly disciplined investment selection process and supports you in the management of your funds and accounts. We support you in meeting all fiduciary obligations by collaborating with you as your co-fiduciary. Your advisor makes recommendations to help you:

  • Define plan goals and establishing investment strategies
  • Develop proper asset allocation
  • Select top performing portfolio managers
  • Monitor and evaluate investment processes

Retirement plan sponsors must pay close attention to their fiduciary responsibilities in order to avoid mistakes, penalties and potential legal action. BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., provide recommendations to help you:

  • Remain in compliance with qualified plans regulations
  • Address plan shortfalls and reduce liability
  • Improve management practices
  • Enhance the quality of investment options

Asset Analysis

Defined benefit plan sponsors assume the responsibility for making investment decisions and generating income to cover plan obligations. The first step for sponsors should be to assess current funding and investment policies and to determine if they are adequate for the future. BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., conduct analysis to:

  • Determine plan liability increase or decrease
  • Model outcomes and risk parameters of investment strategies
  • Create an asset allocation strategy and establish plan expectations
  • Present solutions to mitigate risks

Expense Analysis

Expenses affect the total return of a portfolio. BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., weigh the expense of investments before recommending managers. We also provide expense analysis of existing portfolios. Documented analysis helps show proper intent on the part of your investment committee should regulators inquire. Services include:

  • Identification of plan and investment expenses
  • Calculation of the expense percentage
  • Detailed reporting of expenses

A key objective of plan sponsors is to identify top-performing portfolio managers. For most organizations, this may be a difficult task. BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers, Inc., conduct exhaustive research of all available managers to help you make the right decision. Recommendations are objective and based on merit and fit.

  • Detailed portfolio manager analysis
  • Proprietary analysis process
  • Objective recommendations

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