Corporate Trust Services

Corporate Trust Services

BB&T Corporate Trust Services helps public and private organizations raise and allocate capital, realize regulatory and legal compliance, and achieve important financial goals. Our expert and attentive service gives you the comfort and confidence to focus on your core competencies, and the edge to succeed. We offer:

  • Prompt and personalized service tailored to the needs of each client
  • Comprehensive technological, financial and professional resources
  • Strength of one of the world's largest and strongest financial institutions, founded in 1872

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BB&T Corporate Trust Services can be relied upon to support you with a full range of trust, agency and custodial services:

Securities Trustee
  • Administer regulatory and contractual compliance requirements for issuers and bondholders
  • Authenticate bond certificates
  • Monitor principal and interest payments and submit periodic reports to bondholders
  • Prepare tax reporting information
  • Maintain segregated trust accounts (e.g., sinking funds) and represent bondholders from issuance through maturity and potential escheatment
  • Provide a variety of investment options
Securities Registrar and Paying Agent
  • Establish and maintain the official securities ownership registry
  • Oversee the transfer of registered securities
  • Pay accurate and timely principal and interest proceeds made available to security holders on behalf of the issuer
  • Verify the status of appropriate and available funds and maintain delayed payment records
  • File reports with federal and state authorities and respond to independent audit inquiries
Credit Facility Administrator/Collateral Agent
  • Hold a financial institution's letter of credit
  • Draw upon that letter as directed by the facility principal
  • Administer credit facility collateral terms
  • Prepare and/or distribute asset and liability reports
  • Distribute payments to facility beneficiaries or syndicate participants
  • Integrate services within a highly controlled and regulated banking environment
Document Custody/Pooled Mortgage Custody Service
  • Maintain physical custody of legal documents
  • Store documents in a secure, fireproof, climate-controlled vault
  • Provide recordkeeping functions and government reporting, primarily for mortgage loans
  • Audit and certify mortgage loans sold on the secondary market
  • Work with mortgage lenders who pool mortgages for resale
  • Provide physical custody of all related documents
  • Perform regulatory reporting
Escrow Agent/Account Administrator
  • Serve in bilateral or tri-party arrangements that recognize third-party interests
  • Maintain physical custody and recordkeeping in accordance with regulatory and contractual terms
  • Protect the interests of all parties and beneficiaries to the agreement
  • Prompt and efficient account opening processes
Institutional Custodian
  • Provide physical protection of securities and financial documents
  • Collect dividends and interest to be remitted, deposited or invested as directed
  • Respond to conversions, bond calls, exchanges, redemptions and shareholder communications
  • Work with affiliated and third-party investment managers
  • Execute and settle client-ordered purchases and sales
  • Report all transactions in detail periodically
Insurance Trustee/Agent
  • Administer reinsurance trusts and insurance-linked security trusts
  • Work with onshore and offshore captive insurance managers
  • Integrate trustee, depositary, custody and compliance services within a highly controlled and regulated banking environment
  • Work with internal or third-party investment managers
M&A Services
  • Provides the options of traditional escrow services or representation and warranty insurance
  • Highly controlled and regulated environment ensures client confidentiality at all levels
  • Integrates processing for letters of transmittal, tender notices, securities exchange, escrow and paying agent services within a highly controlled and regulated banking environment
  • Prompt and efficient account establishment capabilities with a wide variety of investment options
1031 Like-Kind Exchange
  • Integrate custody, depositary, exchange, investment and qualified intermediary services within a highly controlled, regulatory environment
  • Report on accounts and asset statements
  • Prompt and efficient account establishment
  • Wide range of investment options with various liquidation windows

BB&T provides personalized, responsive service to all of our clients. We are driven by a long-standing commitment to client needs and are backed by comprehensive financial, technological and professional resources.


Our team members have extensive backgrounds in trust and securities solutions, investments, compliance, account administration, and systems and operations. Our administrators average over 20 years of direct service experience and each are Certified Corporate Trust Specialists, recognized by the American Bankers Association.


Our investment administration, bank depositary and compliance capabilities are comprehensive, flexible and tailored to better ensure client success.


Our behind-the-scenes support, combined with online access, allows you to respond to clients at market speed.


Our team is dedicated to building and maintaining personalized client relationships that continue to grow, evolve and strengthen over time, so that your organization receives the specific attention it needs to thrive.


Since 1872, BB&T has demonstrated unwavering commitment to strong and stable financial services through every economic cycle. Since its inception, BB&T Corporate Trust has remained committed to providing clients with consistently superior service at exceptional value.

Most organizations will, at some point, require the use of a corporate trustee or agent. Our specialists work closely with organizations of all types that require reliable solutions to facilitate raising and allocating capital, realizing regulatory and contractual compliance goals, and achieving important financial milestones.

Public and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Publicly held companies and financial institutions
  • Federal, state and local governmental entities and agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable and nonprofit institutions

Private Organizations

  • Privately held companies and financial institutions (e.g., banks, financial advisors, underwriters, brokers, insurers and asset managers)
  • Intermediaries, including law firms, accountancies and consultancies

We will work with you to form a solutions-based relationship that equips you for long-term financial success.

BB&T Corporate Trust utilizes state-of-the-art trust accounting, securities processing and compliance systems. Our account personnel and processes are subjected to stringent and ongoing oversight by multiple compliance, audit and regulatory bodies. This emphasis on continuous internal control affords our clients an account establishment and administration efficiency that is unparalleled.

With TAMLink, you have access to the latest information on your investments including portfolio review, investment details, tax lot listings, portfolio percentage charts and market value charts. TAMLink provides:

  • Secure online information with no additional software required
  • Current transaction statements
  • Current asset statements
  • Data current as of the close of the most recent business day

See our TAMLink brochure.

We provide the following forms online for your convenience:

  • W-8BEN Form – Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding
  • W-9 Form – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

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