Commercial Lending

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Commercial Lending Office

BB&T offers flexible loans to meet the financing needs of your business, as well as lines of credit for your seasonal cash needs, receivables financing, inventory financing and short term cash flow.

  • All of our loans are serviced by commercial lenders, who will work with you to understand the specific needs of your industry and to structure loan terms to meet your needs.
  • Loan terms can be set to correspond with the life of the asset, and repayment can be structured to your cash flow.
  • Collateral options are flexible.

BB&T offers business loans for:

  • Equipment purchases
  • Facilities purchases
  • Business acquisitions
  • Debt refinancing
  • Real estate1

Customized loans are also available, and solutions can be created to meet your individual needs.

BB&T offers commercial lines of credit that give you flexibility and access to capital to meet your short-term borrowing needs. Line amounts, terms, repayment schedules and collateral can all be structured to meet the specific needs of your business.

Lines of credit are a convenient way to finance:

  • Seasonal cash needs
  • Receivables financing
  • Inventory financing