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Factoring provides accounts receivable management solutions to replace most credit and collection functions within an organization. It also provides working capital secured by foreign or domestic accounts receivable and inventory.

BB&T Commercial Finance lending specialists will analyze your situation and structure the most effective solution for your company.

For companies with an annual sales volume greater than $5 million, our credit and collection solutions help you:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce in-house costs of credit collection and bad debt losses
  • Gain access to working capital
  • Get credit protection covering sales to foreign and domestic customers

BB&T provides international factoring expertise to help you succeed.

Get Credit Protection

  • Import factoring provides credit protection for foreign companies selling to buyers in the US on open account.
  • Export factoring provides credit protection and potential sales financing to customers outside the U.S. buying on open account.

Take Advantage of Risk Management

  • Transactions are processed through a global network of leading factoring companies or covered by credit insurance.
  • Invoices are purchased and ledgered by BB&T.

Use an Established Network

  • Factors Chain International (FCI), our network of factoring companies, consists of 212 organizations in 61 countries.
  • FCI is engaged in nearly two-thirds of the world's factoring volume.
  • BB&T Commercial Finance is a consistent winner of the FCI Import Factor of the Year award.

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