Dealer Commercial Services

With the strength and stability of BB&T behind us, we offer a very compelling value proposition for our dealer client that sets us apart from the competition.

BB&T has long been committed to the auto industry and to our client relationships. We have never exited the business like some banks have done in the past—this is very important to our auto dealer clients.

Our team understands the current trends facing the industry today, and stands ready to handle all of your financing needs including floor plan lending, mortgage loans, capital loans and acquisition financing. We can also provide strong references to prospective dealer clients.

  • Floor plan lines – We provide financing at competitive rates and terms for new and used inventory, demos, rentals and service loaner vehicles. For auction bidders, we offer immediate financing so you can be ready to buy at close.
  • Term financing – We offer financing for construction projects, facility upgrades, equipment needs and acquisitions.
  • Commercial solutions – Our integrated relationship management approach at BB&T allows us to bring the expertise of bank partners in the areas of private client services, merchant services, treasury services and employee benefits.
  • Insurance – We offer open lot insurance through a BB&T affiliate company (McGriff, Seibels, & Williams, Inc.).
  • Leadership – Our clients learn strategies to maximize performance today and ensure measurable success for the future through The BB&T Leadership Institute.

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