CashManager OnLine Mobile

CashManager OnLine Mobile

Always at Your Fingertips

A mobile app for BB&T CashManager OnLine® users

Easy, Secure, Accessible

Your business takes you on-the-go, whether you're traveling, attending meetings or stepping away from the office for the afternoon. The BB&T CashManager OnLine mobile app gives CashManager OnLine users a convenient and secure way to manage cash flow.

Company administrators automatically have access to the CashManager OnLine mobile app. Administrators must update entitlements for other users to grant mobile app access.

Essential Treasury Functions

Download1 the CashManager OnLine mobile app from the Apple App Store® or Google PlaySM and you'll instantly gain access to essential treasury functions2 tailored for your smartphone.

  • Approve pending wire transfers
  • Initiate and approve transfers between BB&T accounts
  • Review Current and Previous day balances and transaction details
  • Search for specific transactions
  • Receive notifications that let you know when approvals are needed
  • Perform important administrative functions—manage users, passwords and security tokens

Technology You Can Trust

Whether using CashManager OnLine at the office or away on business, your company's data is protected from unauthorized access through multi-level advanced encryption technology. The BB&T CashManager OnLine mobile app follows the security settings you set forth inside CashManager OnLine desktop to ensure a seamless workflow with your internal controls.

Administrative functions are conveniently accessed, helping you protect your company information and control your accounts by managing users on-the-go. You'll enjoy password reset capabilities, user activation or deactivation and security token management.