Mortgage Careers with BB&T

Time for a new career? Build a brighter future with BB&T.

At BB&T, we provide an atmosphere that encourages—and rewards—initiative, collaboration and professional achievement.

Whether you want to advance your career as a mortgage professional or begin a new career in mortgage lending, we provide the tools and support you need to excel.

Become a mortgage expert

We'll provide you with the resources you need to craft the perfect loan for every client.

What you'll do:

  • Guide clients through the entire mortgage process from application to closing
  • Provide responsive, reliable and competent service
  • Educate clients about all of the details involved in purchasing—and repaying—a home loan
  • Help clients determine how much home they can afford

What we offer:

  • An array of mortgage loan products so you can easily match your client to a loan that fits their lifestyle
  • Full marketing support
  • Information to help you successfully guide your clients through the home loan process
  • Employee meetings and webinar services presented by communication specialists
  • Recognition for a job well done in delivering the perfect client experience
  • Award-winning training and opportunities for continuous professional development

Join BB&T

We're always on the lookout for exceptional, career-minded candidates to become part of our team. Join the BB&T mortgage team and propel your career to new heights.

We're looking for professionals who are:

  • Consistently meeting sales goals with a soft-sell approach
  • Skilled in growing referral networks
  • Seasoned mortgage professionals with a desire to never stop learning

Our successful mortgage professionals:

  • Enjoy working with a diverse client base
  • Love a challenge and reap the rewards
  • Strive to make their client's dream of home ownership a reality

Our small community approach allows our mortgage team to:

  • Effectively and quickly resolve client concerns
  • Maintain direct control of each loan application as it moves through processing

Our culture is our foundation

Hear our mortgage professionals' experiences developing effective skills and community relationships while delivering the perfect client experience.

[MUSIC PLAYING] BB&T's culture really is the foundation of absolutely everything that we do. It's about honesty, Integrity, doing what's right for the client each and every single day.

Our culture is our people-- our people, who focus everyday on who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

BB&T Is 145-year-old company. We've been in the mortgage business, I think, at least over 90 years, if not longer. We have a very well-established brand, which we take very seriously, and we're very proud of that.

Our culture is really a beliefs-driven, passionate-type culture.

I've been here for 12 years on the BB&T mortgage team, and I just can't say enough about how great and fun they are. There's constantly positive energy and a lot of fun going on.

The foundation here is not just going out and selling mortgages. It's really about going out and being engaged in the community. It's working with the community and working with the different centers, and working with families, and folks really getting the information out, as far as how to do it, not just what to do, and why we're doing it.

I've been with BB&T for 12 years. I put my heart in everything that I do. And I have no doubt that I can transmit that to the clients.

The perfect client experience at BB&T truly starts by listening to your client first. Each client is different. Each application is different. They're never going to be the same. We have the ability to look at that client as a long-term partner.

We are very empathetic to our clients. We mold things around what our clients needs are financially, and help them achieve their financial goals. Back in 2007, I had the opportunity to place a homeless individual, who happened to be a veteran. And that feeling, that message when they received the keys, always stays with you. And you never forget that.

It just warms your heart when you help someone who has been trying for such a long time to achieve that goal. It means everything to them.

BB&T is very supportive in what we do. We have management that's very involved. They care about us, and they care how we take care of the clients. And everybody is accessible-- open-door policy. BB&T has a great leadership program. Everybody pitches in to really help each other grow. It's not just about ourselves, BUT about the team.

At BB&T, I feel like when it comes to diversity, we are all welcome. Everybody's welcome. We have a variety of different ethnicities and cultures.

Every state, every county, every city is just a little bit different. And you have to be knowledgeable about every place that you are.

When you walk in the door, you're going to hear this at every single branch-- the first words are, welcome to BB&T. And we don't want that just for customers. We want that for everybody that comes in here.

BB&T has a wonderful, bright future. How great is it to work for a company who wants to be the best of the best?

If you can imagine the ability to be able to wake up every day, and come into the office, and make people's dreams come true, and have an entire team behind you that helps you fulfill that dream, that is incredibly powerful. And that's something that I get to do every day here a BB&T Home Mortgage. And I hope very much that we were able to bring on quality teammates in order to help us achieve that dream.


Community involvement

AT BB&T, we highly value community involvement, and we're committed to creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

  • Community development lending – Our community development lending performance exhibits an outstanding level of commitment to meeting the credit needs of the communities we serve. In 2015, we gave over $1.6 million in annual development lending.
  • Community investments – BB&T works diligently with government agencies, tax-credit syndicates and nonprofits to seek investment and charitable contribution opportunities. Our corporate investments include Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits (HTC), Small Business Investment Company (SBIC), bonds and several other impactful offerings.
  • Community development services – BB&T conducts community development service initiatives to connect with individuals and organizations in our communities. Our service activities and outreach programs cover topics such as capacity building, financial education, asset building, micro/small business assistance and community development finance.

BB&T associates serve our communities as members of more than 1,100 nonprofit boards and committees. In addition, our associates provide qualified community development services to teach homeownership education, credit management, basic banking information and money/savings management. These services are offered to the low- and moderate-income community through partnerships with the many city and county governments and nonprofit organizations within our footprint.

Professional development

BB&T is committed to making substantial investments in associate education. We provide continual learning and training opportunities.

  • Continuing education – A number of educational opportunities are available through BB&T University and professional affiliations. Associates are eligible for 100% reimbursement or prepayment of related costs when they receive management approval and then successfully complete work-related courses.
  • Formal degree programs – BB&T formal degree programs provide the opportunity for associates to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees. Associates who receive management approval to participate in formal degree programs are eligible for reimbursement of related costs. Criteria for reimbursement and service agreement requirements vary based on whether the associate pursues a graduate or undergraduate degree.

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Leadership and career programs

Our training programs help associates excel in their roles and advance their careers.


We're firmly rooted in the communities we serve. From funding education programs to lending a hand to charitable and faith-based organizations, BB&T is proud to join our friends and neighbors in building stronger and more vital communities.

BB&T supports a diverse workforce and is an Equal Opportunity Employer who does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or other classification protected by law. Drug Free Workplace.

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