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Solutions for navigating the foreign exchange market

BB&T Foreign Exchange Services specializes in guiding companies of all sizes through the intricacies of foreign exchange (FX) markets. We offer a full range of FX and related international treasury products. Our experienced FX trade specialists offer personalized consultation services and products to manage your foreign currency exposure. We can also help protect your balance sheet and foreign-denominated cash flows.


BB&T offers products and services that can help you mitigate risk and conduct business around the world.

  • BB&T Online FXAccess Trading is a secure online trading platform that allows users to:
    • Execute trades, swaps and draw downs
    • View transaction histories and open contracts
    • Create templates for repetitive wires
  • FX market guidance includes personalized hedging strategies and common sense market guidance to help your company minimize risk and succeed in today's international marketplace.
  • Foreign currency deposit accounts can be set up to contain most major foreign currencies. This enables companies to:
    • Hold and pool foreign currency receivables
    • Take advantage of higher interest rates available in other currencies
    • Create a hedge to protect against currency rate fluctuations
    • Reduce the risk of exchange rate losses when paying and/or receiving currency
  • Foreign check processing services
    • Foreign check clearing in US dollars or foreign currency
    • Foreign clean check collection
    • Cash letter service
  • Foreign currency bank notes are the ultimate convenience for your trips abroad. You can order them at your local branch.


BB&T can advise you on spot and hedge transactions and help you execute them for your business.

Spot transactions

BB&T offers international funds transfer options to help your company route payments to and receive payments from anywhere in the world.

  • International Wire Transfer
    • Payments are electronically transmitted to your overseas account or to your designated trade partner
    • Foreign currency payments are cleared through one of our correspondent banks
  • Foreign draft payments – Made in check form denominated in foreign currency

Hedge transactions

An FX Hedge Transaction, or Forward Contract, is an agreement between your company and BB&T in which BB&T commits to buy or sell a foreign currency against US dollars, or another foreign currency, at a specific exchange rate for a fixed settlement date or window of future dates.

These contracts allow your company to lock in your imported goods costs and to fix your yield on receivables. They also offer a way to protect currency-sensitive balance sheet items.

Market news

The Daily FX Update provides opening indicative spot exchange rates and relevant market news. See today's rates and sign up to have the Daily FX Update delivered to your inbox.

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To succeed in the foreign exchange market, you must respond quickly to opportunities. FXAccess BB&T Online FX Trading is a secure environment that lets you execute currency trades online, in real time.

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