Smart Sweep

Invest idle funds in higher yielding deposits

How it works

  • Your business checking account is linked to a Smart Sweep account
  • You set a target balance for the checking account
  • Funds in excess of the target amount are automatically transferred to the Smart Sweep account
  • If the checking account balance falls below the target balance, funds from the Smart Sweep account are automatically transferred over to reestablish the balance
  • Interest is compounded daily and credited to the Smart Sweep account monthly

Key benefits

  • Funds invested in the Smart Sweep solution have standard FDIC coverage
  • Automation saves time and eliminates the need to make daily investment decisions
  • Unlimited transfers for any dollar amount to and from the Smart Sweep account
  • Fees can be reduced or offset by maintaining a target balance in the checking account
  • Protects you from fraud by only allowing transactions that move funds to and from the checking account

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