Commerce Gateway Payables

Automate and streamline your payments process

Simplify your payments management and reduce your costs with more efficient technologies.


  • Improve efficiency
    • Lower overall payment processing costs
    • Eliminate manual processes and reduce errors
    • Simplify reconciliation through automation and integration of all payments
  • Accelerate conversion to electronic payments 
    • Expand e-payment adoption with vendor assistance
    • Improve relationships with trading partners
    • Earn rebates for Virtual Card payments (if applicable)
  • Strengthen control and risk management
    • Reduce risk of payments fraud
    • Strengthen controls from built-in workflow and multi-layer security features
    • Deliver remittance information to suppliers via web portal or EDI
  • Enhance working capital
    • Optimize your cash conversion cycle
    • Extend Days Payables Outstanding when converting payments to Virtual Card
    • Increase accuracy of cash forecasting

How it works

Manage payment processing jobs from start to finish through Commerce Gateway Payables. Here's how it works:

  1. Transmission of payment instructions
    • Using our intuitive web application, your company's authorized user transfers payment instructions and remittance detail to BB&T in virtually any data file format.
  2. Validation and approval
    • A second user with the appropriate entitlements receives an email notification. The user logs in, reviews the payment records and approves the transactions for release.
  3. Payment execution
    • BB&T automatically differentiates disbursements to be paid by Virtual Card, ACH, wire transfer or check. Electronic transactions are executed, and checks are printed and mailed.
  4. Remittance delivery and posting
    • Your vendors receive email notifications, access the vendor web portal and obtain detailed remittance data.
  5. Confirmation
    • Commerce Gateway Payables provides electronic confirmations to ensure job completion and validate payment execution.


  • Automation
    • Accepts virtually any data file in any format
    • Converts checks automatically to Virtual Card or ACH with optional vendor enrollment program
    • Provides automatic analysis of data and disbursement for payment
  • Visibility and control
    • Provides control of the payment production process with an intuitive web-based application
    • Stores payment information in a secure archive for viewing online
    • Sends email notifications at both submission and release of payments to promote accuracy and security
  • Integration
    • Pays vendors by Virtual Card, ACH, wire and check all with a single file of payment instructions
    • Processes Positive Pay check issue information without a separate file transmission
    • Assigns check numbers to ACH payments for simplified reconciliation
  • For your vendors
    • Emails remittance advice automatically through a dedicated web portal or bank using traditional EDI data
    • Allows access to view, download or print images of remittance documents
    • Offers dedicated support

Service options

  • Payments
    • BB&T Virtual/Purchasing Card1
    • Automated Clearing House (ACH)2
    • Custom check fulfillment
    • Domestic and international USD wire transfer
    • Single-use purchasing card account numbers (no plastic)
    • Payment controls
    • Card spend rebates (if eligible)
  • File submission
    • Web-based portal
    • Secure FTP transmission
  • Vendor enrollment assistance
    • Proactive outreach campaign to transition your vendors from check to Virtual Card or ACH
    • Highly customized for each client's needs and preferences
    • Existing network of more than 100,000 vendors
    • Outreach by phone, mail and email
    • All support and maintenance provided by FIS, the industry leader in transitioning to electronic payment
    • Thorough status reporting throughout

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