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Frequently asked questions

Many of your questions about the Payables and Invoice Management application can be answered below. If you still have questions, our Treasury Management representatives are here to help by phone or email(moves focus).


What's my username and/or password?

Your username is always your email address. To reset your password, use the password reset link on the login page and an email with a new temporary password will be sent to your email inbox.

How do I set up approvers?

You can assign an invoice approver at the invoice level or you can define automated rules by vendor.

To make a one-time request for an invoice, go to Invoice Details / Invoice Approval Routing and enter the email of the invoice approver. If this is a new invoice approver, select Add New Approver. Then enter their email address and first and last name. Once the approver is added, you can simply save the invoice and a request will be sent to this user.

To set up an automated rule for a vendor, go to Vendor Details / Manage Invoice Approvers. Enter the email address and then choose Save. Any future invoices for this vendor will be automatically emailed to this address for approval.

To set up automated rules for other dimensions such as class or department, go to Settings / Company Profile / Invoice Approval Rules. Then select Add New Approval Rule, select the dimension type, enter the specific dimension, and a box will appear. Enter the invoice approver and save it.

To manage Payment Authorizer users, Payables and Invoice Management has the ability to create and modify your Payment Approvers.

To add a new approver, navigate to Settings / Manage Company Settings. You will be prompted to enter your 2-factor authentication code to go further. Then select Manage Users / Add New User. Select Payment Approver to authorize the individual as the designated Payment Approver.

How do I manage my users and settings?

Your managed onboarding specialist will configure one or more users as a customer administrator during the onboarding process at your request. Users with this access can adjust company information and settings and also manage users.

To access the administrator function of Payables and Invoice Management, go to Settings / Manage Company Settings.

Where can I find the email address to send invoices to Payables and Invoice Management?

Go to Settings / Company Profile. Under Settings, you will see "Email documents to" followed by the email address.

How do I update my bank balance?

On the Dashboard page, under Bank Cash, select the dollar amount shown in blue text. This will bring up the Update Bank Cash window. Type in "bank balance" and select Submit.

Please note: The balance shown is for informational purposes only. For more accurate balance information, please log into online banking or call client support. If the bank cash balance shows a $0 balance, but you know there are sufficient funds in your bank account, this will not prevent you from processing your payables.

Payment processing

How do I future date a payment or make a partial invoice payment?

In the Invoice tab, under Accounting Manager, when Pay is selected, the selected invoices are added to the payment queue.

Within the payment queue, users can choose to make a partial payment by selecting in the amount box to edit the amount. Also within the payment queue, users can set a payment date to schedule when payments will be released.

Select in the date box, and a calendar will appear. Select the date when you want the payments to be released. The default date value, “Not Set,” means a payment will go out as soon as possible.

Please note: Payments must be approved by the payment approver before disbursement.

How do I auto-schedule a payment?

For company-wide auto-scheduling you must have Admin (Administrator) rights. Under Accounting Manager or Payment Authorizer application, go to Settings / Manage Company Settings. In the Payment Approval tab, under the Auto-Scheduling Payments section, check the box to auto-schedule payments to vendors. Options will then display to configure payment threshold amount and scheduled date settings. For vendor-level auto-scheduling, go to the Vendor Details page. This will bring up the auto-schedule configuration settings.

How are my check payments processed and delivered? When will my vendor receive my check payment?

Once a check payment has been approved in Payables and Invoice Management, your check is printed and mailed from a processing facility in Atlanta the next day. Checks are sent by USPS First Class Mail and you can expect your vendor to receive your payment within approximately 3 to 5 business days.

Does Payables and Invoice Management allow me to recall payments? How do I do this?

Check payments can be recalled if they are still in a “Scheduled Status.” If payments are in a “Paid” status, please contact Client Support at 800-774-8179 to see if the payment can be recalled. Accounting Manager users can recall a payment before or after it’s been approved.

To recall, find the payment on the Payments or Search tab, select the payment amount link and select Add to Queue. The payment will be returned to the “Selected Payments” queue on the Invoices tab. Select Remove All to move the bill(s) back to the Unpaid Invoices list. Payment Authorizer users can reject a payment that is pending approval or has already been approved.

To reject, select the Reject button on the payment detail page. An email will be sent to Accounting Manager users indicating the payment has been rejected.

For ACH payments, the process to recall or reject is the same in the application, but once the ACH payment is submitted to BB&T, you are not able to recall the payment. You are able to initiate a reversal within five days of submission.

Please call Client Support at 800-774-8179 for further assistance.

How do I apply credits in Payables and Invoice Management?

Credits will display but cannot be applied. Individual credits are shown on the Search screen. Overall credit balance for a vendor is shown on the Vendor Details and Invoice Details screens. To apply credits to a vendor invoice or payment, you will need to perform this action directly in your ERP/accounting system. Once they are applied to a specific invoice in your accounting system, this will sync to Payables and Invoice Management automatically and update the balance on the invoice. The remittance will include details on the credit(s) applied to the invoice.

How do I void a payment in Invoice and Payables Management? Do I still have to stop the check/reverse the ACH transaction with BB&T?

To void a payment, find the payment in the Search or Payments tab (search by vendor name, amount, check number, invoice number of bill being paid, etc.), select the Payment Amount link, and then select Void. This will void the payment in Invoice and Payables Management and bring the invoice(s) being paid back to the Unpaid Invoices list.

Please note: You will also need to manually void the payment in your accounting system. You will need to issue a stop payment on the check or to reverse the ACH transaction in order to have the payment truly cancelled. The VOID action in Invoice and Payables Management only affects record keeping and will not actually cancel a payment.

Invoice processing

How do I delete an invoice in Payables and Invoice Management?

Select the Invoice Number link (if there is no invoice number, the link will say “details”) from the Invoices or Search tab to go to the Invoice Details screen, then select the trashcan icon. If the invoice has payments linked to it, the trashcan icon will not display. You’ll need to void these payments before you can delete the invoice.

Please note: If an invoice is deleted in your accounting system, the deletion will NOT sync back to Payables and Invoice Management. You will need to manually delete the invoice in Payables and Invoice Management after it has been deleted in your accounting system. For Intacct, deletions are synced over automatically and do NOT need manual adjustments.

How long does Invoice and Payables Management store my documents? How do I access them later?

Your invoice and check documents are stored indefinitely. If you have questions on how to access a specific document, please contact Client Support at 800-774-8179.


How do I see information on synchronization errors with my accounting system? How do I resolve these errors?

To access synchronization error reports, go to the Reports tab and run the Invoice Sync Failures and Payment Sync Failures reports. These reports display the invoices and payments that failed to sync. They will also display the error related to the sync and provide instructions on how to resolve. A best practice is to check these reports before any payment runs to ensure all invoices and related data synced. For cases without an error description, please reach out to Client Support at 800-774-8179 for assistance.

How often does Payables and Invoice Management sync with my accounting system? Is there a “manual sync” option? How do I review the status of the sync? What if there’s a problem with my connection?

You can see the last time you successfully synced with your accounting system by hovering your mouse over the Settings area in the upper right corner. A “manual sync” option is not provided because, based on our integration, the automatic sync is constantly running. If you’re not seeing specific records from your accounting system or believe you may have an issue with your connection, check your sync report or reach out to Client Support at 800-774-8179 for assistance.

Vendor management

How do I update default GL settings by vendor?

Locate your vendor either by the Invoice or Search tab. When you select the Vendor name, the Vendor Details page will appear. Scroll to the Default Invoice Preferences section. Here you can select the default GL account.

How do I disable payment grouping per vendor?

If a vendor requires one single payment per each individual invoice, this can be configured by Accounting Manager users on the Vendor Details screen, under Payment Preferences. Check the box for Disable Payment Grouping.

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