Payables and Invoice Management

Streamline your accounts payable payment processing in an affordable and secure way


  • Invoice capture – Important invoice information (vendor, payment terms and line level information) is automatically extracted from paper and electronic invoices and presented to AP staff for review and routing to individual departments for approval.
  • Invoice approval – Workflow tools enable AP staff to route uploaded invoices to departments for approval. An unlimited number of scanned invoices and other supporting documents can be stored in the solution.
  • Payment authorization – Approved invoices can then be aged and paid according to the enterprise's cash management policy. Payment authorization can also employ the use of important payment controls. Payment approvers can review and release payments through a web interface.
  • Payment execution – Once payments are authorized, BB&T executes them on your behalf, streamlining the process and eliminating the hassle of sending electronic payments. BB&T also sends electronic remittance details to vendors. Businesses can issue secure payments via physical check, ACH or virtual card.


  • Lower processing costs – Save 70% or more on payment processing costs
  • Increase efficiency – Eliminate manual check issuance and simplify electronic payments
  • Control outgoing cash flow – Ensure that payments reach vendors in the shortest time possible, and precisely time and future-date vendor payments by having clear visibility into the amount of time a payment takes to reach a vendor
  • Reduce payment risk – Get access to advanced payment security features such as two-factor authentication, two-factor payment verification, payment limits and integration with Positive Pay
  • Improve internal accounting controls – Implement important payment controls such as segregation of duties and dual approval

BB&T Payables and Invoice Management Demo

Learn how to reduce costs, minimize payment risk and improve your internal accounting processes in this short demo.

Is your accounts payables team weighed down by outdated manual paper-based processes, weak controls, and insufficient protection from payment risk? Are they chasing approvals, presenting piles of invoices for signatures, printing paper checks, stuffing envelopes, supplying postage, and finally bringing the resulting stack of payments to the local mailbox?

Today, your businesses should demand an efficient AP department. Introducing BB&T's Payables and Invoice Management. Now your business can experience the benefits of increased AP efficiency, reduced processing costs, greater control of outgoing cash flow, minimized payment risk, and improved internal accounting records. 

In the next few minutes, we'll show you what BB&T's Payables and Invoice Management fully integrated AP platform can do for you. Automate your manual data entry with our Invoice Capture feature that automatically extracts data from vendor invoices. You can take your AP process paperless and have your vendors email invoices directly into the system for capture. 

Once an invoice is in the system, you can easily route it to the appropriate approver. If multiple approvals are required for high-dollar invoices, you can set up hierarchical approvals based on the vendor or other invoice characteristics. Upon approval, the invoice can be synced back into your accounting system. 

When you are ready to submit invoices for payment authorization, simply select the ones you want to pay. Enter the amount, schedule the payment date, select the payment method, and press Submit. Whether sending a check, paying electronically via ACH, or using a credit card to pay vendors, you'll follow the same approval workflow. 

BB&T's Payables and Invoice Management solution features controls such as Segregated Payment Approval and Check Positive Pay Support that can help protect your business from fraud. In the Payment Approver Application, you have full visibility into invoice and payment details as well as any supporting documentation. With a simple click, you can approve payments wherever you are for processing, or you can send them back for corrections. 

Once your payment is approved, it is sent to your vendor directly from your bank account, and remittance details are emailed to your vendor. Then payments are posted back to your accounting system. Eliminate the need for dual data entry. It's easy to automate your accounts payable process with BB&T's Payables and Invoice Management. Let's streamline your accounts payable process, reduce your costs, offer you greater control, minimize payment risk, and improve your internal accounting. 

Now your business can experience the benefits of automation. Contact your local BB&T relationship manager or call us at 800-774-8179.

Watch our full demo to take a more detailed look at how BB&T Payables and Invoice Management works so that you can maximize its benefits for your organization. 

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