Same-Day ACH

Receive funds faster to meet fast-paced business needs

How it works

BB&T clients can take advantage of Same-Day ACH, which is among the first of the new faster payment alternatives. While standard ACH payments process on a next-business-day or two-business-day basis, Same-Day ACH lets you initiate payments and receive funds same day.

While considering use of Same-Day ACH, please note the following

  • Single transactions are limited to $25,000
  • Same-Day ACH can be used for Federal government tax payments
  • International ACH transactions aren't eligible
  • File delivery deadlines are different for Same-Day ACH origination


Same-day processing gives you flexibility and speed with your payment options, but it's important to evaluate the impacts to cash flow and transaction reporting.

To determine whether Same-Day ACH is right for your business, here are some simple questions to ask:

  • Could sending a payment faster improve supplier or employee relationships?
  • Could a faster payment let you take advantage of payment discounts?
  • Could you benefit by receiving same-day ACH payments and using it to pay down debt?
  • Phase 1 – Potential benefits
    • Same-day payroll
      • Pay bonuses, advances or correct payment errors
      • Pay hourly associates on the last day of a pay period
      • Pay terminated associates on the last day of work
    • Business-to-business payments
      • Pay a late invoice or pay on the due date
      • Receive credit faster
      • Make a payment to receive goods or services

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