Get faster access to available funds with streamlined deposits

Bring safety and security to your cash operations, increase productivity, improve efficiency and save time and money with our armored courier deposit service.

Safe solution

A safe with cash-counting capabilities is provided by an armored courier for each of your business locations. Benefits include improved onsite currency handling, daily credit and maximized liquidity. Keep your employees safe, productive and onsite, and benefit from daily credit for your cash deposits.

The Vault360® safe solution is ideal for:

  • Cash-heavy businesses that use armored courier services
  • Companies that want to standardize daily cash deposits across multiple geographic markets
  • Businesses that want to accelerate access to funds


Courier deposits

An onsite currency counting safe may not be the best solution for every client. Deposit delivery via armored courier helps secure the safety of your employees and your money. Vault360 works with your armored courier to deliver deposits to a secure BB&T-affiliated cash processing center.

  • Eliminate employee trips to the bank—no time wasted driving to and from the bank or waiting in lines to make deposits
  • Employees spend less time handling cash and more time serving your customers

Bulk cash and coin

Vault360 processes bulk cash and coin deposits that can't be handled at a branch.

  • Bulk cash and coin or other special-needs deposits can be picked up by an armored courier for delivery to a BB&T-affiliated secure cash processing facility
  • Additional services include special deposit reporting and envelope processing

Currency deliveries

Vault360 coordinates the delivery of coin and currency to your locations by armored courier.

Change order deliveries can be made:

  • When your courier is scheduled
  • As requested for rush or emergency change orders

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