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Introduction to CashManager OnLine

[MUSIC PLAYING] Businesses today face challenges from almost every direction. To be successful, they must identify new ways to improve efficiency, reduce paperwork, and better manage cash and expenses. 

CashManager OnLine from BB&T can help you meet these challenges by providing all the tools you need in one place to centralize administration of your business accounts. It's an innovative, powerful application that helps you streamline and automate your cash management processes, better manage and improve your business's cash flow position, manage working capital, and access strong audit tools in a secure environment that protects against fraud. 

BB&T's CashManager OnLine offers you an experience that's easy to learn and navigate. The platform has everything you need, including powerful capabilities to support your existing processes. CashManager OnLine features a user-friendly interface that helps you perform transactions more efficiently. It offers you immediate access to account data and detailed reports, providing the information you need to support more effective decision making. 

And because we know security and fraud prevention are among your top concerns, we've designed CashManager OnLine to support your internal controls. Our layered defense approach provides an integrated set of key features that are industry best practices for protecting financial accounts from fraud. What's more, CashManager OnLine is your gateway to fraud prevention services, like positive pay and reverse positive pay. 

CashManager OnLine also offers a mobile app with an array of administrative and account management capabilities. So you don't have to be tied your desk to run your business. 


This introduction and the videos below demonstrate how easy it is to use BB&T CashManager OnLine® to improve your cash flow, complete your transactions and make well-informed decisions.

Landing page

There's no need to navigate across the entire application to find the up-to-date financial data you need every day. It's waiting for you on the intuitive, easy-to-use landing page. You can easily see account activity and balances, and you can access transaction details, without having to run a report. The landing page also shows messages from BB&T and alerts that require your attention, helping you take timely action when needed. 

User-friendly widgets allow you to personalize your dashboard, so that the information you use every day is always available. Using configure display options, you can choose which items you want to display in your dashboard. For example, the accounts widget allows you to access transactions by clicking on the account. 

As transactions occur throughout the day, you'll see a snapshot of your current projected cash position based on your intraday activity. You can configure the favorite report widget to give you quick access to up to 10 of your favorite reports, such as information reporting, positive pay, ACH, and wire. From the landing page, you can easily navigate to other areas of CashManager OnLine including administration, reports, transfer and payments, and account services.


Not at your desk? Select Admin functions are available on the CashManager OnLine mobile app, including password resets and the ability to activate or deactivate a user. No matter how complex your administrative needs, CashManager OnLine's powerful platform can streamline your workflow, while assuring the security of your sensitive data. 

For company administrators, the admin tab is your destination for user set ups and maintenance, password resets, and access to audit logs and user profile reports. The robust platform allows you to customize permissions for employees, with a great degree of granularity, ensuring people have access only to what they need and shielding information from unauthorized access. You can enforce security through audit functions that allow you to run reports on who's doing what. Creating a user is easy and permissions can be customized from an extensive list. You can assign a variety of notifications to users. And users can also self-select the notifications they need. 

CashManager OnLine has many features to make user admin easier. The copy user function allows you to copy entitlements from one user to another or to quickly set up multiple users with similar entitlement needs. The express entitlement function allows you to quickly assign new accounts to existing users. The flexibility of the platform means it can grow easily, as your organization grows.


CashManager OnLine offers you imaging capabilities you can't find elsewhere. The system provides images of paid checks, deposit tickets, deposited items, and returned deposited items, and keeps them in an archive of images that goes back as far as seven years. You can count on us to store those images for you, so you don't have to. 

CashManager OnLine also offers images of statements and special reports for ease of reference. If you'd like to download some sample reports, click on the reports tab on the left-hand navigation. The reports feature of CashManager OnLine gives you access to timely data to allow you to reconcile accounts and manage cash flow. Reports help you to take control of information to make decisions quickly. 

You'll find a wide array of options on the reports tab. My Reports offers an array of standard report templates you can use right away. You can also customize your own reports and save them as templates for future use. You can toggle easily between current day and previous day interactive views. And within each of these, the powerful search feature allows you to quickly find specific transactions and allows you to search using keywords from transaction details, such as payer, payee, or the name of a beneficiary within an ACH addendum or a wire remittance. It's easy to create, view, and print all the reports you need. 

CashManager OnLine integrates with all the most common applications for small business and corporate needs. You can export files in BAI2, QuickBooks, or CSV formats. 

CashManager OnLine's reporting options make it easy for you to stay on top of critical information. Previous day reports provide a complete final picture of all settled transactions. Current day reports give a high level of detail on the spot and remain available in the system for future reference. Current day reporting provides the most immediate, most detailed information available for intraday transactions, like ACH payments and wire transfers, an invaluable benefit when your company is waiting to receive an important payment.

Transfers & payments

Payment and transfer approval workflows can be fully customized to fit your organization, streamlining the user experience while maintaining critical internal controls. To maintain security, you can assign payment and transfer limits to individual users. BB&T works with you to design a system that works best for your people and your business. For more details, watch our video on CashManager Online's administrative functions. 

CashManager Online offers you a variety of tools for transfers and payments. The account transfer functionality allows you to create, modify, and approve single or multiple transfers and allows you to create transfer templates for future use. Wire transfer and ACH allow you to automate your payments process with ease. 

You can create, modify, and approve domestic and international US Dollar and foreign currency wire transfers. You can initiate consumer and business-to-business ACH payments through a recurring template, file import, or NACHA file pass through. Payment reports provide quick access and an audit trail to the payment activity initiated by your authorized CashManager Online system users. 

CashManager Online offers you a variety of easy to use choices in account transfers. You can make a one-to-one or one-to-many account transfer, either manually or from an existing template. 

To make a manual account transfer, simply choose the accounts. Enter the amount and any memo you want to record. And specify a one-time or recurring transfer. The dual approval feature means when you hit Continue, designated approvers in your company are notified on their dashboard or by an emailed event notification. Once the transaction is approved, the transfer occurs in real time. 

CashManager Online allows you to create free-form or repetitive wire transfers, domestic, international US Dollar, foreign currency, or draw down. To create a free-form wire, choose the account you want a debit and the amount you wish to send. Specify a one-time or recurring wire, and choose the effective date. Enter the beneficiary information and any additional remittance information. When you hit Continue, designated approvers in your organization are automatically notified to ensure security. 

CashManager Online gives you a range of options for ACH transactions. Using the free-form ACH payment option, you can originate a debit or credit transaction without a template. You can select from a variety of entry classes and submit either as a one-time or recurring payment. If you wish, you can save the transaction as a template for future use. You can even quick save an incomplete template and return to complete it later. 

You can also choose from an array of existing ACH classes and templates. You can import files in a variety of formats or create from a preexisting template to ensure security. An event notification is then automatically sent to designated approvers in your company. 

CashManager Online also features same day ACH capabilities, giving you greater flexibility in making payments and even more control of when those payments arrive. Same day ACH allows you to respond to urgent demands and correct errors immediately. It enables immediate collections and payroll. It can reduce or eliminate late payments. And it can improve cash flow by providing a more accurate, real-time view of balance sheets, incoming payments, and any potential cash shortages.

Account services

Nearly 2/3 of companies encounter some form of payments fraud each year. CashManager OnLine helps you meet the challenge head on with services like stop payments, as well as positive pay and reverse positive pay, powerful solutions for detecting and returning suspicious checks. The easy-to-use account services tab gives you access to an array of services, such as stop payments, fraud controls, positive pay, and reverse positive pay, all developed with security and fraud prevention in mind. 

Positive pay and reverse positive pay help you prevent check fraud by automatically detecting suspicious check activity and bringing it to your attention. The process simplifies your efforts, protects your accounts, and reduces the risk of financial loss. You can use the check inquiry function to determine the status of a check. And then, if necessary, you can place approve, modify, or stop payment orders on that check. The flexible feature allows you to extend stop payments as long as seven years.

Mobile app

Traveling for business or on vacation? Stuck in a meeting? Have a time-sensitive approval to execute? The CashManager OnLine mobile app for Apple and Android makes it easier than ever to manage your cash flow when you're not at your computer. With authorization from your company administrator, you can download the CashManager OnLine app from the App Store. 

If you have wire or account transfers to approve, the app will take you directly to the approval screen. Otherwise, you will land on the navigation screen to make your selection. A common item for administrators is to reset a user's password or reactivate a user that has been inadvertently locked out. Through the user admin panel on the app, you can activate, deactivate, or delete users. If you need to approve a wire, you can review a detailed description of the item on the app. You can submit single or multiple items for approval, verify them, and received conformation on the results screen. 

The CashManager OnLine mobile app features also make it easier to perform high-value activities throughout the day. Push alerts for wire and account transfer payment approvals remind you to take action. You can quickly set up favorite accounts on the mobile device by simply tapping a star. The mobile app also offers easy access to information reporting data, including account lists and summaries, and the ability to search transactions using a variety of search parameters.

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