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  • Reduce your 2018 tax bill through capital investment
    Companies can take advantage of new tax laws impacting bonus depreciation and Section 179 to reduce their 2018 tax liability and enhance their bottom line.
  • Exploring the ESOP opportunity
    An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) can be a winning strategy for your business, but misconceptions about these plans could cause you to miss out on their potential advantages.
  • Going global
    Trading internationally can be a crossroads for a growing business. A key is finding a financial partner to help you navigate issues like tariffs, currency exposure, logistics and payment security.
  • Managing interest rate risk with swaps
    In an environment with the potential for rising interest rates, companies who rely on funding with floating-rate loans may be able to limit their exposure with an interest rate swap.
  • Reducing health care costs
    Reference-based pricing enables employers to set price limits on certain medical services, allowing employees to choose services based on price and quality.
  • The health of your company's retirement plan
    Your company invests a lot in retirement plans for its workers. There are four key metrics that should be regularly evaluated to assess whether that investment is producing the desired outcomes.
  • Promoting employees' financial wellness
    Employers understand that when employees are stressed, organizational effectiveness suffers. Increasingly, employers are offering their workers financial wellness tools to help relieve this stress.
  • Employee retirement readiness
    While many Americans are concerned about having enough savings to provide a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, the likely retirement readiness shortfall can also have an economic impact on employers.
  • Is your ERP alone enough?
    Explore the benefits that come from adding accounts payable automation to your Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Lockbox in the electronic payments age
    The hallmark of a quality lockbox service provider is its willingness to consult with clients to ascertain their needs and customize a service package. And checks aren't going away as quickly as predicted.
  • The strategy behind faster payments (Updated August 2018)
    New payment systems designed primarily for business use promise safe, speedy payments. These payment systems aren’t just for your finance department. Changing how your company handles payments can lead to business process optimization. Innovative payment solutions won’t just impact cash flow, they’ll create competitive advantages.
  • Working capital's new paradigm
    A more streamlined approach to working capital management is gaining momentum, and can allow companies to secure funds at the lowest possible cost.
  • Protecting against the high risk of cyberfraud
    Given the relative newness of cyber liability coverage and the variability of policy features, it's essential to carefully analyze one's needs and scrutinize available options before paying the first premium.
  • Staying disaster-ready in treasury
    In the event of a natural disaster, a well-documented treasury continuity plan can help organizations increase the likelihood of resuming normal operations—and cash flow—in a timely manner.
  • Fighting payment fraud
    When it comes to payment fraud, perpetrators today are wilier than ever, forcing businesses to protect themselves from significant financial risk.
  • Employment practices liability
    Employee legal claims of wrongful employment practices, including discrimination or sexual harrassment, can cost time and money and can damage your organization's reputation. However, there are steps you can take to reduce liability risk, and the right insurance coverage can limit your exposure if you incur a claim.


The BB&T Leadership Institute offers leadership programs and organizational consulting services to companies nationwide. BB&T is pleased to provide insights from their credentialed staff of consultants.

  • A leader's guide to change management
    Many corporate change initiatives ultimately fail despite good intentions.
  • Winning with talent
    An insightful business strategy can't succeed if the right people aren't in the organization to execute it.
  • Effective team building
    Lack of group processes and challenging group dynamics can undermine a team's performance and prevent it from reaching its potential.

Personal financial management

In conjunction with our Wealth division, BB&T is pleased to provide content especially useful for business owners.

  • Planning a successful future for your family business enterprise
    An effective succession plan is far more than the selection of a successor. It also includes ongoing leadership development and communications to help avoid unnecessary conflicts and to meet the needs of both the business enterprise and family members.
  • Protecting the future of your business
    While making sure their current strategies are on target and operations are in sync, business owners also should look beyond today to ensure that plans and processes are in place to protect the long-term best interests of their companies and their families.

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