BB&T Payables and Invoice Management Demo

BB&T Payables and Invoice Management Demo

Take a detailed look at how BB&T Payables and Invoice Management works so that you can maximize its benefits for your organization.

NARRATOR: From receipt of invoice to execution of payment, BB&T Payables and Invoice Management works seamlessly with your accounting software to streamline and automate the entire accounts payable process to optimize cash flow, decrease costs, control and minimize payment risk, and maximize work efficiency. 

No matter the size of your team, this solution is designed to support a range of payables processes from a single company to larger businesses with multiple entities. Some of the features you will learn in this demonstration are how to set up vendor preferences, how to send and receive real time updates on your account status, including pending payments and account balance, how to easily generate and print reports on various financial records, from credit card tracking to open invoices, and how to work simultaneously in the system with multiple users. 

You will also learn how the system automatically collects invoice and vendor information to save your company time and money. To review individual chapters, simply hover your mouse at the bottom of this video and click the three-line menu icon in the right-hand corner to select the chapter you wish to launch. 

There are three roles within the platform for your accounting team to use-- accounting manager, payment approver, and invoice approver. For added security, all users must log in with a two-factor authentication security code that is provided by text or voice message, whichever is preferred by the user. This extra layer of security mitigates the risk of fraud by discouraging fraudsters that are constantly on the lookout for businesses that lack vigilance around cyber security. 

The first role is the accounting manager, whose responsibilities include creating and managing invoices and submitting payments for approval. This role oversees the entire accounts payables process. The second role is the payment approver, who functions as the signer of the checks or approve the release of funds. Payments can only be approved with the consent of a payment approver. 

The third role is the invoice approver, which is an optional role. The invoice approver is responsible for making sure all invoice content is correct. The invoice approver will log in to the system to review invoices sent for approval and either approves or rejects the invoices. 

Since this is an optional role, if an invoice approver is not required, these responsibilities fall to the accounting manager. Actions made by the payment approver and invoice approver are synced in real time with the accounting manager's dashboard to keep the team on the same page during the entire invoice payment process. The system is also designed to function with bidirectional communication, which ensures data updated in the accounting system is also updated in payables and invoice management, and vice versa. 

Updates are synced every three to five minutes, giving real time status account updates. This API technology allows both systems to constantly communicate with each other. 


As the accounting manager, log in to the system using your email, password, and two-factor authentication code. If your company has multiple entities, choose the entity you'd like to access from the dropdown menu during login. Once logged in, you are provided with a real time overview of the company's AP status in an easily digestible format. The dashboard shows the status of accounts and general ledger cash as well as any aging invoices that need to be paid. 

It also shows what payments are awaiting approval, on hold, rejected, or paid in the payments queue, and any new invoices in the inbox. 


Setting up your vendor preferences is the starting point before using the system to manage your entire account payables process. Once preferences have been set, they will be saved and applied to all future invoices. To set preferences for your vendors, click the Search tab, then the Vendor card. As you can see, the system has automatically populated the vendor name, address, and email using API technology. 

If this information changes and is updated in your accounting software, the changes will automatically be updated within payables and invoice management. Scroll down to edit the vendor's preferences, including the account to debit and the type of payment to use to pay the vendor. Under Default Invoice Preferences, select various default settings to automatically be applied to the vendor's invoices, including the general ledger account and payment terms. 

Preferences are automatically populated on the vendor's invoices. However, you can edit these preferences per invoice if needed. This makes the process easier and more efficient by eliminating the need to reassign individual invoices. At the bottom, you can also add default invoice approvers who will be responsible for approving all of the vendor's invoices. They will automatically be alerted when new invoices are submitted for the vendor. Once all desired preferences are selected, click Save to apply. 


There are three ways payables and invoice management can receive an invoice. It can be emailed directly into the system from you or your vendor. It can be uploaded into the system, or an invoice can be created within the system. The invoice information is captured using optical character recognition technology and human review for added accuracy, which has a 99.5% accuracy rate. OCR technology lifts all the information from the invoice, including the vendor name, invoice number and amount, payment terms, invoice date, and other optional data, including line items and descriptions. 

Invoices that are emailed or uploaded into the system are routed to your inbox. Here, select a document to create the invoice. Review the information that the system has automatically pulled from the document. Edit or add additional information as needed, like the due date, terms, amount, or account. Confirm or add one or more invoice approvers, and then click Save to submit the invoice for approval. 

To create an invoice without a document, return to your inbox. Click Create an Invoice Without a Document. In the Vendor Name field, begin typing the vendor name. The vendor name will autofill from the vendors you have set up in the system and will apply the default vendor preferences once selected. 

Complete the remaining required fields and invoice approvers if needed, and click Create to add the invoice to the system. Once you have saved or created invoices from your inbox, they are routed to your invoices queue. To access the queue, click the Invoices tab. Here, the status of all your unpaid invoices is provided in a simple and informative format. 

As the invoice approver, log in to the system using your email, password, and two-factor authentication code. On your dashboard, you have access to all invoices pending your approval and invoices you have previously approved. Under the Pending Approval tab are the invoices awaiting your approval. To approve all invoices at one time, click this box to select all of the invoices and click Approve Selected or select the invoice number to review each invoice in more detail. 

On the Details page, you can review the invoice information, including the invoice date, due date, payment terms, and total to make changes as needed. Once all information has been reviewed, click Approve to alert the accounting manager that the invoice is ready for payment or click reject to alert the accounting manager that the invoice is not ready for payment. 


After new invoices have been saved and/or reviewed, select the Invoices tab to view all outstanding invoices. Each invoice is color coded gray, yellow, red, or green. If the invoice is coded gray, that means it still needs to be sent to the invoice approver for approval. If it is coded yellow, that signals to the accounting manager that the invoice is awaiting approval. If it is coded red, that means the invoice approver has rejected it. If the invoice is coded green, that means the invoice has been approved, and the payment is ready to be sent to the payment approver. 

Select the box next to each approved invoice that you'd like to submit for payment approval and click the arrow to add them to the payment queue. Once in the payment queue, you can set a future payment date and adjust the dollar amount if needed. When all edits are made, click Confirm, and then choose the preferred payment-- ACH, check, or virtual card. 

Available payment types are established based on vendor preference. Click Submit, and an email will be generated to alert the payment approver that payments are ready to be approved for release of funds. 


When you are alerted that payments are ready for approval, log in using your email, password, and two-factor authentication. Here, your dashboard gives you a complete overview of the number of payments awaiting your approval, on hold, and scheduled as well as the total dollar amount of payments in process. The dashboard also gives you a quick status on general ledger balance and payments that are pending. 

Click View Payments to access the Approval page. To approve the payments, you can select Approve All to confirm all payments in one batch, or you can review each payment individually by clicking on the vendor name. Here you can see all the payment details, including who submitted and approved the invoice and any recent payments. You can also change the payment date and leave notes for the accounting manager as needed. 

After reviewing the payment information, you will approve, hold, or reject the payment. If you choose to reject or put a payment on hold, select the reason and then leave a note for the accounting manager with further explanation. Once payments are approved, rejected, or put on hold, your screen will automatically move to the next payment to review. 

When all payments are reviewed, click Proceed to Confirmation and then submit the payments using two-factor authentication. BB&T then processes the payments based on the vendor's payment preferences, either by check, ACH, or virtual card. 


Report generation is an important element of all accounting departments, and Payables and Invoice Management makes it easy to search and download a multitude of reports directly in the system. You can quickly generate reports by clicking the Reports tab and choosing from the dropdown menu of report options. There are a variety of invoice reports, including invoice approval requests by user, monthly payment totals, and open invoices that can be printed or downloaded in CSV format. To download or print a report, select a report type from the dropdown, click Generate Report, then click Download to save the report to your computer or click to print. 

BB&T Payables and Invoice Management can help your accounting team maximize their workflow, minimize manual entry, and increase the security controls in your accounting department. Let's discuss how we can save your company time and money through automation of your invoice management process. 

Ready to get started? We can have you up and running in just a few weeks. Give us a call at 800-774-8179 or contact your BB&T relationship manager today.

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