5 Ways You Can Actually Make Money by Spring Cleaning

Clearing out what you no longer use can turn into a real-life treasure hunt if you know how to monetize it.

Would you be more excited to tackle your spring cleaning this year if you knew you'd make money at it?

Explore one (or all) of these five spring cleaning tips, which can help convert a big chore into some extra cash.

1. Turn clothes into cash—the easy way

This is one of the most effective spring cleaning tips for clearing space in your home and making some cash, though some methods can take more work than others. Simplify the process by using giant online consignment store thredUP. Request one of their Clean Out kits(opens in a new tab) and they'll send you a big bag with a shipping label. Fill it as you do your spring cleaning, then send it back to convert unwanted clothes into cash or store credit.

For higher-end items, try Poshmark(opens in a new tab). Poshmark is an online marketplace where you can sell clothing directly to buyers. It takes more work because you don't just ship clothes off to the company (you'll need to take photos of your items and upload them through an app), but you could make more money on your costly clothes.

2. Sort and sell other things you no longer use

Clothes you don't wear might account for just some of the stuff taking up space in your home. If you have any of the following lying around, try these avenues to turn them into cash collectors rather than dust collectors:

You can also turn to consignment shops or pawn shops if you prefer to sell your items in person. And of course, there's always the good old-fashioned yard sale.

3. Save on your taxes

Want to reward yourself financially and help other people? Take your unwanted items to donation centers, shelters or charitable organizations. When you make a charitable donation, ask for a receipt you can submit as a tax deduction. Keep in mind, this spring cleaning tip may only help with your finances if you itemize your taxes. The process of making large donations may also require more paperwork, like written appraisals and additional tax forms.

4. Round up your loose change

This could be among the easiest and most effective spring cleaning tips for getting some quick cash. Between couch cushions, within kitchen drawers, hidden in an old wallet or purse—loose change can end up in so many places. As you clean your home and vehicles, put all that spare change into a big jar. When you're done, take it to your bank to turn it into cash you can actually use.

5. Help someone else with their spring cleaning

Finished your own chores and still have energy? Turn those skills into a little extra money by signing up for a role in the gig economy. TaskRabbit(opens in a new tab) can pair you with others who need help, and you'll get paid by the hour for your work. (Maybe you could even share your knowledge about these great spring cleaning tips!)

Beyond the potential cash benefits, you're sure to feel good about yourself and your living space once you put these spring cleaning tips into action and get rid of some things you no longer need.

Now, have you ever been more excited to clean your home?

Keep it up. You're getting smarter about home buying.

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