6 Halloween Ideas Your Neighbors Will Go Bats Over

Ready to host for Halloween like never before? From party pointers to creative costumes, these fun Halloween ideas will have your neighbors talking for weeks to come.

Tired of dragging out your dusty old trick-or-treat trinkets and harvest-themed doodads? Make your home stand out this October with some fun Halloween ideas your neighbors and guests won't forget.

1. Create an interactive trick-or-treating experience

Grab the attention of little (and big) trick-or-treaters by making the stop at your house a more hands-on experience. Got a knack for building things? Try piecing together a fortune-teller candy dispenser(opens in a new tab) so visitors can get a bit of wisdom (or a warning) along with their sweets.

For a simpler approach, other fun Halloween ideas include turning an old box or crate into a treasure chest filled with treats visitors can dig into. Fill it with gold, silver or other foil-wrapped candies to complete the look. Or, convert a big candy bucket into a bubbling cauldron(opens in a new tab) using a small fog machine and colored lights.

2. Go the extra (spooky) mile

Jack-o'-lanterns are mainstays as far as fun Halloween ideas go, but they can be hard to spot and sometimes fall victim to squirrels or decay. Up the scare factor for passersby by extending spooky decorations past your doorstep and onto the exterior of your home—like spine-tingling spiders made from pipe cleaners(opens in a new tab). Get creative with their size and placement and include spiderwebs (using yarn or cut from trash bags) to create an entire spooky scene in front of your house.

3. Make dressing up a family affair

Don't have a never-ending supply of costume creativity? Choosing a theme for the entire family(opens in a new tab) makes brainstorming other fun Halloween ideas easier, and it includes everyone. For example, if you fell in love with a family-friendly movie this year, pick some of your favorite characters. Or, if DIY is more your style, choose an idea that doesn't require a premade costume—like s'mores, zoo trainers and their animals, bath time or anything else you can dream up.

4. Throw an unpredictable Halloween bash

Not everyone likes fun Halloween ideas centered around blood and gore. Accommodate those guests and get creative by throwing a mystery-themed party(opens in a new tab) where attendees solve a whodunit using clues planted around your house. If you're feeling particularly crafty, you can dream up your own clues based on a favorite novel—the Nancy Drew tale, "The Secret of the Old Clock," for example. But if you need a little help, don't be afraid to purchase a ready-made game.

5. Make everything mummified

Some fun Halloween ideas can be edible! When it comes to creating a ghostly themed bash, a creative menu is important, but it doesn't have to be overly complicated. Turn regular appetizers like cheesy jalapeño poppers(opens in a new tab) and meatballs(opens in a new tab) into a mummified treat by wrapping them in crescent rolls or pizza dough. Bananas wrapped in puff pastry(opens in a new tab) can also serve as a delicious, healthier dessert idea. Add a set of eyes (chocolate chips, perhaps?), and not only will you be upping the spook factor, you’ll be pleasing the appetites of your guests as well.

6. Offer up a different kind of treat

Who says trick-or-treating has to result in a bag full of candy and a big tummy ache? Be the cool house on the block by offering outside-the-box treats that don’t have an expiration date. Glow stick bracelets, for instance, are not only fun, but they can make kids more visible while they’re moving from house to house. Bubbles, Play-Doh and temporary tattoos are more fun Halloween ideas that kids will love—and they won’t break the bank.

Between the killer party, clever Halloween decorating ideas, creative costumes and unusual treats, you'll earn your reputation as the best trick-or-treat house on the block. And that's an honor you should be proud to show off.

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