9 DIY landscaping ideas to boost your home's curb appeal

Your home’s landscaping can instantly add a fresh feel to your home’s exterior appearance—and make it more appealing to prospective homebuyers if you decide to sell.

Unlike some pricey home renovations, a few new landscaping features can go a long way, no matter your budget or level of expertise. Try one of these nine DIY landscaping ideas to boost your home’s curb appeal.

1. Add pops of color with annuals

Annuals like grand orange, marigolds and poppies are a simple DIY landscaping idea that can add pops of bold color to your home's outdoor space. Choose red, orange and yellow hues to catch visual attention, guide the eye through your landscaping and create a cohesive feel.

2. Make a statement with oversized garden containers

Large, dramatic porch containers and colorful oversized pots are a budget-friendly way to transform the style and feel of your home, without the long-term commitment. One unique large container can serve as a statement art piece amid a garden, while containers in contrasting colors from the primary hues in your landscaping or the color of your house can offer a touch of flair.

3. Just add water

A glazed ceramic pot placed at a 45-degree angle can be transformed into a garden fountain. This DIY landscaping idea requires you to dig a hole at least 6 inches deep to hold the pot at an angle, and another in front of the pot large enough to hold a 5-gallon bucket to catch the water. Place a small pump (available at most hardware stores) in the bucket to circulate the water, then run tubing from the bucket to the pot. Cover the bucket with chicken wire, and place decorative rocks on top to conceal the wire, tubing and pump. Fill the pot with water and voilà—a soothing garden fountain!

4. Light the way

Solar light fixtures are an inexpensive way to make walkways more prominent to visitors and feature aspects of your DIY landscaping prowess at night. Write down which parts of your landscaping you want to highlight, and note the approximate height of the foliage that will surround the lights. This will help determine the size and number of lights you’ll need to buy. Place the lights so the fixture’s solar cell receives ample light during the day to operate at night.

5. Mix trees and flowers

Adding a diverse mix of trees and shrubs to your landscaping can complement flower beds, prevent pests and keep your yard looking alive and well, no matter the season. To ensure enough space for a new tree to grow, experts recommend dividing the tree’s mature spread in half and allowing at least that much space away from your home when you plant.

6. Create functional space

Adding hardscape décor like garden benches is another simple DIY landscaping technique that can create inviting, functional space in your yard. Consider the view you’d like to create from the bench, and choose bench materials like wood, iron or even stone pillars that complement the style of your home. A few paving stones leading up to and under the bench can make it more accessible and ensures a stable surface. A deciduous tree near the bench can provide relief from the summer sun.

7. Build a dry creek

Dry creeks created from gravel and a variety of river rocks can add visual appeal to your yard. Plus, a dry creek can minimize puddling and help direct the flow of water away from your house when there are heavy storms or melting snow. Identify where the water tends to flow in your yard, then clear an area proportionate to the size of the dry creek you want to create. Simply line the area with fabric and fill it with gravel to form the creek.

8. Add a bridge

A small garden bridge—over gravel, a walkway, a creek or uneven yard sloping—can add dimension to your landscaping and give a whimsical feel to your front yard. Choose from wood, stone, metal or a combination of all three.

9. Be bold with boxes

Another functional DIY landscaping idea—raised wooden planter boxes in vibrant colors—can showcase foliage, add more space to small backyards and keep quick-spreading plants contained. Add extra flair at night by installing solar lights along the interior rim of the planter box.

Try a few of these simple but effective ideas, and your family and neighbors will consider you a DIY landscaping pro in no time!

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