Card Security

While credit, debit and prepaid cards can free you from carrying cash, there are some risks associated with them. Use these tips to help protect your card accounts and personal information.

Keep your card information safe

  • If your card has a personal identification number (PIN), never write it on the card.
  • Create a PIN that's unique and not easily identifiable. If you have multiple cards that require a PIN, choose something different for each one.
  • Never give card information over the phone, unless you initiate the call.
  • When shopping online, only use websites that clearly indicate they're secure with an "HTTPS" at the beginning of the address.
  • Contact your financial institution if your card statement doesn't arrive when expected. Verify your address to make sure someone didn't change it to get your statements. You may also be able to opt in to online-only statements.
  • When writing a check to pay your credit card bill, write only the last four digits of your account number on the memo line. Consider using your financial institution's online banking service for a more secure way to pay.
  • Keep a list of your cards and the issuing companies' phone numbers in a secure place. If a card is lost or stolen, this information will speed up the process of deactivating it.

Keep your cards physically secure

  • Only carry cards you use regularly
  • Keep seldom-used cards in a safe place
  • Don't lend your card to anyone
  • Avoid leaving your card behind after using it by holding your wallet until the merchant hands your card back to you
  • If you're expecting a new or reissued card, remember to watch for it in the mail. If you don't get it on time, contact the financial institution.
  • Activate and sign any new card as soon as you receive it

Prevent fraud

  • Always enter a total and draw a line through unused spaces on a receipt
  • Never sign a blank receipt or check
  • Keep your receipts until you can verify them with your account statement or through online banking
  • Consider registering for text or email alerts to receive notifications about your card activity. This can help you spot unauthorized charges sooner than if you wait for your monthly statement.
  • If you misplace a card, check with the card issuer to see if you can temporarily freeze purchases on the account

Get help

If your card details are compromised, call the card issuer immediately. BB&T clients should call 800-476-4228 for help with credit card issues and 888-BANK-BBT for all other card-related issues.

Prompt reporting of any unauthorized activity on your card to BB&T may limit your liability. Please refer to our credit card disclosure or electronic account disclosure for more details. 

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