Do I Need to Insure My Boat?

If you plan to use your boat as collateral on your loan, you will probably need insurance. Find out when insurance is required, and why it may make sense for you even when it’s not.

When is boat insurance required?

Unlike automobile insurance, boat insurance typically isn’t required by state law. You will, however, need boat insurance when:

  • Your bank requires it for your boat loan
  • A marina or harbor requires it to dock there

When is it a good idea to insure my boat?

Boat insurance is recommended for all boat owners, particularly if you are located in a hurricane zone or own a:

  • New boat
  • Boat or yacht greater than 29 feet
  • House boat (or if the boat is your primary residence)
  • Seafaring boat traveling off the coast line

A number of insurance plans can provide coverage for your unique situation. Most of them will include “all risk” coverage for a variety of accidents and disasters, plus personal liability coverage.

It makes sense to have the insurance coverage that will give you peace of mind and safeguard your boat. Depending on how you use and store your boat, you may want to consider add-on coverage for:

  • Specialized equipment onboard
  • Wear and tear losses 
  • Wreck salvage
  • Towing
  • International voyages

Doesn't homeowners insurance provide boat coverage?

While some homeowners policies provide minimal coverage for small boats when they're on your property—in your garage, for example—they're only going to cover property damage losses.

Once your boat leaves your home to take it on the road, park it in the marina or use it in the water, it will not be protected by homeowners insurance.  Even more importantly, you will need protection from liability claims if you injure someone out on the water. Boat insurance is the only way to get that.

For the specific needs and inherent risks of boating, boat insurance is your best choice.

The bottom line

Check with your insurance agent for information about coverage for your particular needs. The only way to be sure that your boat is protected is to have insurance coverage specifically for it.

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