Need to Sell Your Current Home? Here's a checklist

Take the stress out of planning with this home-selling checklist. Use this home-selling checklist to stay organized and keep the ball rolling.

Tackle the aesthetics

For a quick and profitable sale, make sure your home is in tip-top shape. This means:

  • Consider the curb appeal – Think about lawn maintenance, the condition of your mailbox and pressure washing
  • Make minor repairs – The more obvious an issue is, the more important it is to fix
  • Declutter – Be sure to remove personal items when it's time for potential buyers to visit
  • Stage your home – By staging your home, people will be be able to imagine themselves in your space

Gather all your paperwork

Just like buying a home, selling a home means sorting and compiling a large amount of paperwork.

  • Original sales contract – Make sure the original purchase price is included
  • Financial documentation – Include all information related to a first mortgage, second mortgage and line of credit
  • Deed and title – These should list you as the rightful owner of the property with the ability to transfer the title
  • Tax documentation – Show buyers your tax liability and what they can factor into their budget
  • Previous inspections and appraisal reports – Share any information related to the potential value of your home
  • Proof of home improvements and repairs – Compile all paperwork related to major updates, repairs or improvements
  • HOA information – Include monthly costs, rules and bylaws and insurance requirements
  • Warranty and manuals – Gather warranty information and manuals for items included in the sale, like appliances

Get the right team

Part of a home-selling checklist includes pulling together the right expertise.

  • A great real estate agent – A real estate agent tackles a variety of tasks—from assisting with showings to negotiating with potential buyers. Find one you can depend on.
  • A meticulous appraiser and/or home inspector – A buyer will do both an inspection and appraisal once under contract. However, if you want to handle any issues an inspector may find before it gets in the way of the sales process, then these can be helpful people to add to your team.
  • A trusted mortgage loan professional – Selling your home is half the battle—buying a home is the other half. Get a trusted mortgage loan professional on your team now to ensure a smooth transition from one home to the next.

Check off all the boxes on this home-selling checklist and you'll boost your chances for smooth sailing all the way to closing day.

Keep it up. You're getting smarter about home buying.

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