Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes provide a secure place other than your home or office to store valuables.

If you decide to rent a safe deposit box, consider what size you’ll need, who else will have access, and appropriate items to keep in the box.

How to use your safe deposit box

  • Access your box regularly and keep a list of what it contains.
  • Make sure you choose the right size based on the items you plan to store. 
  • Determine who's allowed to access the box.
  • Keep the key(s) to the box in a safe place that you'll remember.

Note: The contents of a safe deposit box are not insured by the institution that provides it.

What to keep in your safe deposit box

A safe deposit box is ideal for storing items that are valuable for different reasons. Those items could include:

  • Appraisals
  • Backup data files from your PC
  • Cash
  • Coin collections
  • Confidential records
  • Contracts and business agreements
  • Copies of important documents:
    • Financial records
    • Living trust documents
    • Powers of attorney 
    • Wills
  • Household inventory (videotaped or written)
  • Items that aren't easily replaced:
    • Adoption papers
    • Birth certificates
    • Citizenship papers
    • Divorce papers
    • Family heirlooms, historical records and photos 
    • Military documents
  • Jewelry
  • List of credit card numbers
  • List of insurance policies
  • Passports, if they're seldom used
  • Real estate deeds and mortgages
  • Stamp collections
  • Stock certificates and bonds

What not to keep in your safe deposit box

It's important to remember that only you can open your safe deposit box without a court order. Items that others may need to obtain if you're not present shouldn't be kept in your box.

Avoid storing original documents such as:

  • Insurance policies
  • Living trust documents
  • Original wills
  • Other trust documents
  • Powers of attorney

The financial institution holding the box will also have guidelines telling you what not to store.

Get help

If you have questions or concerns regarding a safe deposit box you've rented from BB&T, visit that branch or call BB&T Phone24 at 800-BANK-BBT (800-226-5228).

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