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Find out how a first-time homebuyer marked a major milestone with the purchase of his first home.

Find out how a first-time homebuyer marked a major milestone with the purchase of his first home.

[MUSIC PLAYING] There's a point in your life where you need to move forward. And I was getting to that point in my life, I was starting 25, and buying my first home is pretty much securing a future for me and for those who come after me. When, I started I was looking for something closer to my parents. But they didn't come along so then I started looking more towards the city and we came along this building. 

It's funny because when I was younger I used to come out here to the movies, to have dinner and I'll just look at the tower and say, wow, what would it be to live there? Finding this property took me about two months, I looked around a lot, had multiple deals go south. But then this one went in the market, it didn't last more than two days. I put my offer in and it was approved right away. I went directly to the same loan officer that my parents worked with because I wanted the same experience. 

When we came to this property, it was actually a little bit out of my budget. But I called Joe, I told him, look, this is a property that I like. I feel comfortable, I think this I think is the right property for me. 

It's exciting for the first time home buyer because not only are they excited about purchasing their first home, but for me it gives me satisfaction to be able to see that joy in them to be able to achieve their financial dream. 

I recommend BB&T to all my friends. Those who are starting the process, they've seen I purchased and they said OK, I want to take that step too and they asked me how you did it. And I told them, you know this is the bank that you should go to, this is the loan officer you should talk to because they will get you through that process. When my parents come over, I love it, it feels great, seeing their smiles, seeing how they enjoyed seeing me happy, seeing that I'm progressing that I'm moving forward with my life. I think that smile that you see in them is worth a lot. 


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