BB&T Financial Foundations for High Schools

BB&T Financial Foundations

The BB&T Financial Foundations Program for high schools, powered by EverFi, puts you more in control of your financial life. You can take part in our free interactive courses designed to help you to make more informed financial decisions.

[MUSIC PLAYING] It's a great program. 

the biggest lesson I took away from the course is the credit scoring. 

So I'm learning about stocks and bonds. 

Put away for retirement. 

I've learned about managing my money. 

It's necessary for kids to learn about these things. 

BB&T invests in high school financial education, because it's in alignment with our mission, which is making the communities in which we work better places to be. 

BB&T Financial Foundations—it's a web-based, digital, self-paced course, that's available in the classroom. 

I didn't realize how important it was to manage my money, because that's not really something that you deal with at this age. So it's important to be taught it. 

I think it's really important for all of us, no matter what age range you are, to really have an understanding in finance. 

You would have to search long and far and wide to find an institution that is impacting people's lives around financial education more than BB&T. 

The program is definitely going to be something that you use later on in life.

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