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For years, identity thieves have used phishing emails to fool people into providing account information. Now they're taking direct aim at small and mid-sized businesses with a more sophisticated scam. 

Spear phishing targets a specific employee by name and title. The email looks professional and includes business details that make it seem real. 

When a person clicks a link, malicious spyware hijacks login and security data to access company accounts and steal money. 

This type of fraud can be stopped with one simple precaution. Be suspicious of any unexpected email telling you to open a link or attachment. A legitimate company will never ask you to update or validate information that way. 

With us, your accounts are locked up tight behind several layers of security technology. By paying attention and being careful, you help yourself stay safe online. 

First, take advantage of the safeguards we provide. Set up transaction limits and alerts to notify you about account activities and balances. 

Make sure your computer stays current with the latest anti-virus software. Don't make transactions at coffee shops and other places with public internet access. 

Look for the lock icon before you enter any information at a website. It tells you the site is secure. 

Always log out of an online session and lock the computer, even if you're away for only a few minutes. 

Social networking sites are great for connecting with friends and business contacts, but be careful about sharing too much personal information. Identity thieves can harvest details for use in scams. 

We'll be happy to provide more information and answer any questions. Contact us to learn more.

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