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Small Business Online provides you with access to a variety of services that will save you time and simplify your day.

Put BB&T Small Business Online banking to work for your business. As a small-business owner, every day is a busy day. BB&T Small Business Online fits the way you bank, whether you're at your desk or on the go. So you can get things done. 

Let's see how BB&T Small Business Online can help you manage your banking. Today, the list includes checking the balances of your accounts, paying an invoice that's due tomorrow, reviewing upcoming payments and transfers, and getting the office manager account access. 

We start with account balances. The accounts overview page keeps you up to date on your accounts and banking activity. See all of your accounts and a summary of upcoming payments and transfers. Select an account for a closer look. Check current balances. Plus, review pending and posted transactions. 

Now to the second item on the list, pay an invoice. BB&T makes paying businesses and individuals simple and convenient with unlimited bill payments and transfers. And when you sign up for ACH and wire transfers, two of BB&T's business services, you add to convenience of next-day ACH payments and same-day wire transfers. 

Each aspect of making a payment is in your control. Pick delivery time and speed. Select payment type. Then choose recipient with a handy type-ahead feature that automatically lists all the matching names from your personal recipient list. Authorize ACH or wire payments on your schedule, whether you want to authorize them now or later. 

Next, review upcoming payments and transfers. Within Payments and Transfers, you can see a list of your upcoming and completed transactions. 

Next, we can give the office manager account access. The new office manager needs access to BB&T's Small Business Online to prepare weekly financial reports. The Multiple User Access feature means no more sharing passwords and more control over access to accounts. It's easy to add additional users, manage their login credentials, and customize the account access and activity level for each user. 

The office manager needs full access, but only to some accounts. Online banking allows you to customize which account and which account activities each additional user can perform.

Banking is done. Now onto the rest of your day.

Fast, easy, and touchscreen friendly, Small Business Online banking from BB&T helps you make the most of each business day. Log in at and get started today.

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