U by BB&T: eBills

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Gain more control of your bills by having them all in one place—your online banking account.

EBills makes bill paying even easier by bringing your bills directly to you. When you enroll your eligible recipients in eBills, you'll be able to view and pay an electronic copy of your paper bill directly in U from any device. 

Say you pay a water bill every month. Maybe you have to look at the bill before you pay it because the amount is always different. Typically, you'd go to U Bill Pay, manually enter the amount, set the date, and pay, which is pretty easy. But eBills makes it even easier. 

When you enroll the recipient in eBills, your bill is sent directly to your U account and we notify you that it's ready to be paid. So now you can view your water bill directly in U and pay it right there. Done. 

To simplify it even more, eBills lets you set up recurring payments and customize your payment and delivery options. You can file your bill as paid if you've already paid it elsewhere. And eBills helps you stay organized with all your bills in one place. 

Using eBills is simple, convenient, fast, and secure. And it's just one more way U by BB&T helps you stay financially savvy. Enroll now to get started.

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