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U by BB&T: Goals

See how you can easily create, monitor and track savings goals with the Plan & Analyze feature in U by BB&T®.

Welcome to the demo for goals. The tool that helps you save.

Let's get started.

To create a goal, go to "Plan & Analyze," and click on "Goals." The page will provide you with some key areas to consider saving for, like you see here. Or, you can create your own custom goal.

So, let's set a goal.

First, how much do you want to save and by when? This tool will help you calculate the monthly amount and adjust the date, if required, to make sure your goal is achievable based on your budget.

Next, select the account you want to save your money in. If you want to choose more than one account, you can do that as well.

As you can see here, the tool will then show you your current account balance. You then select how much of that balance you want to put toward this goal. If you want all the money in that account to count toward your goal, select "100%."

Then, select what percentage of your future deposits into this account should go toward this goal. Any goal you set will be available throughout the site to help you stay on track. And that's it. You've set a goal!

We hope this demo is helpful. Feel free to set many goals. The more you set, the more you'll save.

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