Using Empower With BB&T Scott & Stringfellow

Using Empower with BB&T Scott & Stringfellow

We're here to help you keep your financial life on track with the Empower feature within U by BB&T.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Peace of mind comes from knowing you're on the right path—your path. And your financial advisor is here to help you on the journey to your best financial life. Partnering with a team you can trust, start with in-depth honest conversations about what's important to you and the people you care about. By understanding where you are, we can help you establish an initial roadmap—a personal plan of action for the path ahead.

Even when plans change, we're here to help you keep your financial life on track. You can modify your action plan, and it's easy to monitor your progress using the Empower tile in U by BB&T. Adding the tile is easy. From the More menu, type profile and settings, choose Dashboard, then simply select the Empower tile, and you're done.

So where are you on your journey? Check in with your financial advisor today and see what BB&T Scott & Stringfellow can do for you.


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