Who Is Involved, and What Are Their Roles?

Who Is Involved, and What Are Their Roles?

Learn about everyone you’ll work with throughout the mortgage process.

[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: It may seem like it takes a village to buy a house, but each person plays an important role in the mortgage process. Your path to home ownership begins with developing a spending plan and creating a financial plan for a future home purchase. Gather your financial documents and contact your lender to request a prequalification. Your BB&T mortgage loan professional will help you prequalify for a mortgage.

Once you are prequalified, it's important to keep your credit report stable by not opening or closing accounts until you have closed on your mortgage loan and have the keys to your new home in your possession. It's equally important to avoid making non-payroll related deposits into your bank accounts. Next, choose a real estate agent to help you find your dream home and put together your purchase offer. Your BB&T mortgage loan professional works with you to select the best mortgage product for your needs.

After you've selected a loan, a home appraiser determines the home's value, and a home inspector determines the property's condition. Generally, home inspections are optional requirements, but highly recommended. If you choose to have a home inspection, it is your responsibility to arrange that.

Then all your information is sent to your BB&T loan processor to prepare for submission. Once all your information is collected, it goes to your BB&T underwriter, who evaluates your loan qualification credentials and the property you've selected to determine loan eligibility. Once approved, you complete the purchase with your settlement agent. You'll receive your final documents called closing disclosures three days before closing.

At BB&T, we provide a positive home buying experience with easy-to-follow instructions and clear communication to help put you on the path to home ownership. Visit BBT.com/mortgage to get started.


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