Financial Calculators

Taking care of your money is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Use our collection of easy–to–use mortgage calculators, loan calculators and retirement calculators to get started. Learn how to save for college, how much you are worth or even how to balance your checkbook.

  • Auto Loan Calculators

    Can't decide if you should lease or buy a car? Want to know how much of a car payment you can afford? Use our auto loan calculators to find out now.

  • Budgeting Calculators

    Home budgeting is one of the smartest money management moves you can make. With our budgeting calculators, create your expense management plan and find out how much you need to save for retirement, college and more.

  • College Loan Calculators

    It's never too late to start financial planning for college. We make getting started easy with our college loan calculators. Find out how you can start to save for college today.

  • Credit Card Calculators

    Whether you want to start a debt consolidation plan, calculate payoff savings or find out what your credit score is, we can help. Get the credit information you need with our credit card calculators.

  • Estate Tax Calculators

    Estate planning can be complicated. Let us help you figure it all out. Our estate tax calculators, estate tax planning calculators and estate tax preparation tools can help you make sure you are prepared to protect your estate.

  • Home Equity Calculators

    How much is your home worth? Are you making a smart borrowing decision? Find answers to your home equity loan questions with our home equity line of credit calculators.

  • Income Tax Calculators

    Figure out how much income tax you will pay or double check your tax calculations for some peace of mind. Our income tax calculator, personal income tax calculators and federal income tax calculators are free and easy to use.

  • Investment Calculators

    Are you on track to meet your investment goals? What is your strategy to build your wealth? Our investment calculators, stock options calculator and investment property calculator can help you get on the right track.

  • Life Insurance Calculators

    Planning ahead can help you prepare for life's ups and downs. Calculate disability insurance, use our life insurance calculator and figure out how much long–term care insurance you need with our life insurance calculators. Start planning ahead now.

  • Mortgage Calculators

    Preparing for homeownership is exciting! Whether you are a first–time home buyer or looking to do a mortgage refi, our mortgage calculators can tell you exactly what you need to know about buying that new house. Should you buy or rent? Find out now.

  • Payroll Calculators

    Use our payroll calculators to estimate your take home pay, calculate payroll deductions, and figure out payroll withholdings.

  • Retirement Calculators

    Stashing away money for retirement is a great idea, but how much do you really need to save? With our retirement calculator, 401k calculator and retirement savings calculators, figuring out what you need to save is easy.

  • Savings Calculators

    Use our savings calculators to put together a concrete savings plan. Calculate compound interest, savings interest or figure out how long it will take to save for college, or even become a millionaire.

  • Small Business Calculators

    Knowing how much your business is worth, what your working capital is and how much cash flow you have is important for any small business owner. Our free online calculators can help you answer all of these questions.

  • Stock Option Calculators

    Receiving options for your company's stock can be a great benefit. Use our stock option calculator and other free stock calculators to determine the value of your stock options.

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