Choosing the Right Product

If you’re like most people, your home is not only the place you live, it’s also your primary investment. The equity you have accumulated over time can help you achieve your present and future financial goals.

BB&T offers both a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit. Both are safe and convenient financial tools, and when used responsibly, they offer great benefits, including attractive low rates and potential tax benefits.1

A BB&T Home Equity Loan is the perfect solution if you want a fixed amount of money for a one-time need such as debt consolidation, a major home renovation like that new kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of, or any other planned expense. And the rate and terms are fixed at closing.

A BB&T Home Equity Line may be the right choice if you prefer flexible terms and easy access. Your BB&T Home Equity Line comes with a supply of checks to use for home improvement projects, education expenses, medical costs or any unplanned expenses or emergencies as they arise – and you only pay interest on the amount you actually borrow. BB&T Home Equity Lines also include a Fixed Option feature that provides you with the best of both worlds, allowing you to lock in a fixed rate, term and monthly payment within your traditional equity line. You’ll continue to have access to any unused funds as you need them, and your available credit is replenished as you make payments on your Fixed Option balance.

Interest rates on BB&T home equity products are typically much lower than on credit cards or other credit options, and the interest you pay may be up to 100% tax deductible.


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