What is Phishing?

Phishing scams use fake emails and websites to trick you into providing your confidential information to unauthorized parties. The impostors will then use your personal and financial data to commit identity theft and other crimes.

How Phishing Scams Work

A scammer, posing as a trusted company, sends you an email requesting that you confirm or update your information. The message provides you with a link to an online verification form for your "convenience."

In reality, this link will direct you to a fraudulent website. It will record all of the information you enter such as your online banking passwords, Social Security number and credit or debit card account numbers.

Protect Yourself

  • Remember that BB&T will not ask for personal information by regular email.
  • Be suspicious of emails that ask you to provide your personal information.
  • Contact the organization named in the email directly and in person, or by using a number that you know is legitimate.

Watch and learn how not to take the bait from phishing scams

If You Have Already Responded to a Phishing Email

If you have responded to a phishing email and supplied your BB&T account information, call 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654) immediately for assistance.

If the phishing email claimed to be from BB&T, please report it immediately to BB&T Internet Fraud.

Test Your Knowledge

Learn how to identify phishing scams with this animated quiz.

How Does BB&T Protect You from Phishing Scams?

BB&T employs a number of methods to protect your identity. Learn how we place the highest priority on the security of your information.

Protecting Your Identity

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