10 Reasons to Consider Online Banking

The Internet has changed the way we live and communicate. But it's more than keeping in contact with your family and friends. Using the Internet for banking can help simplify your financial life.

  1. Bank at your convenience. Manage your accounts on your schedule, 24/7. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.
  2. Bank on-the-go. Mobile banking can help make your day-to-day banking even more convenient. You can check your balances while waiting in line at the grocery store or before big purchases.
  3. Eliminate waiting in line at the bank. You can do many of the things you do in the branch, online. For example, pay bills and transfer funds. Many banks offer on-line chat service to quickly answer any questions you may have.
  4. Deposit checks without going to the bank. Many banks have the capability to allow you to deposit checks using your mobile device camera.
  5. Save money. Online bill payment eliminates the costs of stamps and ordering checks. And with fewer trips to the bank, you can save on gas, too.
  6. Review your account activity and know your up-to-date balances. It is easy to see checks that have cleared and monitor your balances in real-time. If a check hasn't cleared or a deposit not posted, you can respond quickly and avoid potential overdraft fee.
  7. Pay your bills. Avoid the hassle of paper statements, checks and stamps. Paying your bills online is convenient, quick and free. You can also set up automatic recurring payments for monthly bills to help avoid late charges.
  8. Transfer funds between accounts instantly. Is your checking account balance low? Transferring money between accounts is quick and easy with online banking.
  9. Get notified about important account information. Sign up for email or text alerts, and you'll be notified immediately about balances and transactions. Balance-limit alerts can help prevent overdraft fees. Set up bill pay reminders so you don't forget to pay them on time.
  10. Rely on your information being protected. At times, people are concerned about the security of online banking. Banks typically use highly sophisticated encryption devices to ensure safety and privacy. It's also very important to keep yourself informed on how to protect your online activities.

In addition to online banking, many banks allow you to apply for accounts, order checks, stop payments and communicate with them online. You owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of having an online relationship with your bank.

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