PlanTrac®—Access your workplace retirement plan information

PlanTrac offers everything you need to know about your workplace retirement plan. With PlanTrac, you can:

  • View account details including your balance, investment allocation and rates of return
  • Change your investment allocation for current or future contributions
  • Access investment information, plan documents and your plan’s message board
  • Request a loan, withdrawal or investment advice (for select plans)

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Enroll in your workplace retirement plan

To access PlanTrac, you'll need to enroll in your plan. Depending on the method your plan administrator has chosen, you will either enroll at work or online.

Enroll at work

If enrollment is handled at work, simply visit your plan administrator and fill out the appropriate forms.

Enroll online

Select Enroll now in the "Log in to PlanTrac" section at the top of this page. Next, you'll input your Social Security number, temporary PIN and birth date.

What's my temporary PIN?

When asked for a temporary PIN, use the last four digits of your Social Security number and your birth month and day (format: MMDD).

Here's an example:

  • Last four digits of your Social Security number: 1234
  • Birth date: April 16 (MMDD)
  • Your temporary PIN: 12340416

Your temporary PIN will expire after 90 days. If your PIN has already expired, call 800-228-8076.

Get help investing

Selecting the right mix of investments can be confusing. Your plan may have options to help you.

Investment management with ProNvest

ProNvest is an independent money manager that you can hire to manage the investments in your account for a reasonable fee. Ask your plan administrator or look for the "Investment Advice" tab in PlanTrac to see if ProNvest is offered.

Simple investing with a target date fund

Target date funds place your money in a varied mix of investments and will adjust automatically to become more conservative as you near retirement. You might like this option if you’d rather not sort through all of your plan’s investment options.

Diversified investing with a model portfolio

A model portfolio uses the funds available in your plan to create a mix of investment options based on your risk tolerance or age. This can help you spread out your investments and avoid the guesswork.

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